Who Would You Choose?

There are lots of lovely ladies in the world of Eden, but what if you had to choose just one to be with? Who would win in a global contest between all the girls of Chronicles of Eden? Not just the main characters, but any and all of the vixens within the series. Let’s find out! Below is a form where you can send in your answer to this burning question: Who would be your chosen mate out of ALL the characters in the story, and why? Pick anyone you want, whether they’re taken or not in the story or if they’re good or evil doesn’t matter, in this scenario they’ll only have eyes for you! But you can only pick one, that’s the rule. I’ll keep this poll running for a while and then announce who is the winner from the giant roster of candidates we have to choose from. It’s been 16 books and counting so far with Chronicles of Eden, let’s find out who is the lucky lady that has the most love.

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