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[Sticky] Daemon's Harem Discussion Thread

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With all members of his harem now traveling with him, it won't be long before Daemon and his future mates are all much closer with one another, both on the field of battle and off. However, there's much to be resolved first before many of the ladies hop into the sack with the cambion. Aside from Sasha, none have received that "intimate" touch of his yet, and for some it may take more than flaunting the goods to receive it. Feel free to add your theories and thoughts regarding Daemon and his future guardians of Eden here. When will they all get down and dirty with their beloved swordsman? How are they going to develop bonds with one another and become a closer harem, like how Daniel's mates are with each other? And furthermore, how does Daemon really feel about each of the ladies in his group? Time will tell.

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