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Daniel's Harem after Act III

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It's been established in the story that Daniel's harem was closed off in Act IX from accepting new members, that the 13 girls he had with him at the time would be the only ones to be part of his family and would be the ones he would take care of (love, provide for, have daughters with, etc). This has been something people have speculated about, it was even asked a while back for readers to provide their input on whether or not they wanted to see Daniel take on more mates in his family. Well I'm letting everyone know that the upcoming book in the series will bring up this question as well, and here's a little something for readers to sink their minds into for the time being regarding how it's going to handle it.

Daniel will not be taking more mates to become his wives. However, nothing has been said about him taking concubines 😉

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If that's the case, then I know one certain maid who has quite the burning loins 😉 for Daniel...