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Join the Chronicles of Eden Fandom

If you haven’t yet, then I wish to invite you to join the growing community over at the Chronicles of Eden Wiki. Not only can you find detailed biographies, lore, and character details down to the exact measurements of the sexy monstergirls that fill the story, but you can also join in on the discussion board to talk about any and all things Chronicles of Eden with other readers and the author himself. Feel free to start up a discussion post about anything you wish, learn more about the world of Eden and the vast character roster that it holds, help build the pages if you feel the urge to, and enjoy the rising hype as the next book in the series draws ever closer.

More Eden Projects

Aside from the obvious with Chronicles of Eden S2. Act II, a few other Chronicles of Eden projects are in the works or are happening right now as you read this. What am I talking about you may ask? Here’s what’s in my work queue right now and what readers can look forward to seeing in the not-to-distant future.

1. A Chronicles of Eden Card Game is being designed! Right now it’s going through that whole, “Design a functioning game first before mass production” phase, but it’s coming along very smoothly so far. Not sure if I’ll opt for a video game variant or a physical card game to order, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, the game is focusing on letting players step into the shoes of Daniel Sorres while collecting beautiful harem members, searching for the Key Fragments to trigger the final boss (The Gemini), and even face off against Daemon and his own growing harem to decide how the final battle will take place. And yes, the game is designed for one person to play solo, but that’s not so bad considering all the lovely girls you’ll have fighting by your side during it.


2. Alyssa’s Origin Comic is on the table to be drawn by the Season I artist Nuciferyne. So how is it going to be accessed by readers? By charging $100 on Amazon for a paperback version only and- lol, nah, just kidding. It’s going to be free for readers! Hooray! The comic will be posted on my social media as pages are completed. However, Patreon supporters will have early access to the pages before they go live. More details on this once it’s ready to launch.


3. Vale’s Tales. Yes, that’s right. Vale’s Tales. What’s that? Why, it’s tales told by Vale of course. Or more specifically, another comic that’s going to be posted in the same manner as Alyssa’s Origin Comic. Only this one isn’t about just Alyssa. This will be a collection of short shorts, or tales if you will, about random everyday antics of the story’s cast. Some will be canon, some will be what-if scenarios, some will be quite spicy and saucy to read, while others will be made to simply make you laugh out loud. And some might do all of the above. Who knows, except perhaps Vale herself. The comic will be free for public viewing, with Patreon supporters being given first look at the pages before they’re released. If you’re interested in reading it, then you’ll be happy to know the first four pages were posted today! Check them out -> CLICK HERE!


4. Boxed sets. In case you missed the news, I covered it all in my previous post HERE. In short, a Season 1 Collection for Chronicles of Eden is now available for digital download, and a Box Set 3 is in the works to follow up the previous two that have been released.

Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Collection!

It’s finally here, the complete Season 1 boxed set for Chronicles of Eden! This digital collection contains all twelve of the first books to this expansive monstergirl series, along with all character illustrations that were created for the books and those that were created afterwards. This gigantic set is the perfect way for new readers to jump into the world of Eden with its first story arc, and for collectors of the series it makes one fantastic gift. Follow the journey of Daniel Sorres as he embarks on a noble crusade to instill peace between monsters and mankind of his world. Watch as he accumulates a loving harem of sexy monstergirls, grows from a meek visionary into a brave knight, learns to balance his life between fostering peace with different monster races and also his many beautiful mates who all want more “quality” time with their revered hero, and makes his stand against evil that threatens to annihilate everyone in Eden. The story has much more set to happen in the future, but this is how it all begins, so grab your copy and venture into the dangerous and lewd world of Chronicles of Eden.

Also, for those wondering about the 3rd Boxed Set for Chronicles of Eden, it is currently being made and having illustrations drawn up for it. For readers who have the first two boxed sets, don’t worry, there will be a third coming soon.

Two new releases about to launch!

As many of you already know, the next Chronicles of Eden book is past the halfway mark of being completed, but that’s not the only Eden release set to happen soon. In fact two others will hopefully be ready to launch in the next few days. More details coming, but for now I’ll at least say what they are. A Season 1 Collection, and a new comic starring everyone’s favorite pixie. Oh yes, there’s going to be plenty of Eden coming before Season II – Act II launches, and plenty more awaits this year. Stay tuned for updates.

One Week Left for these Special Offers! Act Now!

If you aren’t aware yet, then take notice as a massive Special Offer event is going on at my Patreon for the rest of this week until midnight of 4/27/19 (LINK HERE: https://www.patreon.com/agordonpublishing). New and current patrons will be able to get some awesome exclusive goodies, and if enough patrons participate in the event I’ll be permanently upgrading a Tier reward for everyone! Here is what’s being offered:

  • Patrons who join/upgrade to Diamond Supporter ($20) or higher will receive a free signed copy of the latest Chronicles of Eden book (S2.Act1) and have their names included in the opening dedication of the upcoming Chronicles of Eden book (S2.Act2)
  • Patrons who join/upgrade to Gold Supporter ($10) or higher will have their names included in the opening dedication of the upcoming Chronicles of Eden book (S2.Act2)
  • If we get +10 patrons upgrading/joining the Diamond Supporter or higher, I will be adding the reward of being included in the opening dedication pages to Diamond Supporter permanently.
  • If we get +10 patrons upgrading/joining at least the Gold Supporter, I will post the opening preview chapter of the upcoming Chronicles of Eden book (S2.Act2) for all Gold Supporters and higher (normally a Diamond Supporter reward).

If you’re a current patron of either Diamond or Gold Supporter, you’ll still automatically qualify for the Special Offer and receive a free signed book/have their names added to the opening dedication pages of the upcoming book.

Not only that, but subscribing to my Patreon not only helps me keep food on the table and a roof over my head, but it also offers loads of fantastic rewards for supporting patrons, such as:

  • Sneak peeks at upcoming chapters of the next book I’m working on!
  • Previews of upcoming character illustrations!
  • Your own requested character illustration from any of my books, SFW or NSFW, your choice!
  • Having your name added to the opening dedication pages of my published books!
  • Having a cameo appearance in my books, with your personal character interacting with the cast in their world!
  • Helping me fund greater projects outside of publishing books, such as animated shorts, games based off of the books, and lots more!

Just as it is with my readerbase and the communities here and on the Chronicles of Eden Wiki, I’m hoping to grow our numbers and bring more people in to participate and enjoy the wonderful, and sometimes perverted, worlds I’ve created for everyone’s enjoyment. I hope to see you all joining our community and helping it prosper, and to everyone who has supported me thus far, thank you very much! This isn’t just something I do to pay the bills and live off of, it’s something I do for readers everywhere to enjoy and find something magical within it. And as always, thanks for reading!

Next Eden book is on the way!

The next Chronicles of Eden book is halfway done and is certainly going to please readers and fans of the series with its much anticipated launch. New locales, new monster girls, new factions, and new surprises await in the latest entry of this long-running saga, with a few special highlights I’m going to tease for everyone right now.

  • Finally venturing into Stonegate
  • Reunion with Kroanette
  • Daemon’s unlikely ally
  • Max’s growing harem
  • Daniel’s Alliance
  • And of course, some heated quality time with Daniel and his lovely mates

No ETA on the book’s release just yet, but it’s drawing ever closer. For more news and updates, keep watch on my social media platforms (DeviantArtTwitter, WordPress, Facebook). For special subscriber benefits and access to a plethora of Special Offers going on right now, visit my Patreon today and check out the awesome goodies offered to patrons. And as always, thank you all for your continued support, and I hope everyone enjoys the next installment of Chronicles of Eden upon it’s release.

Make a Chronicles of Eden: Season 1 Digital Collection?

So I’ve been toying with the idea of making a complete Chronicles of Eden: Season 1 digital collection for readers to buy on Amazon, but I wanted to get some input if that would be something anyone would want, or if that would be too much for any reader, current or new, to want to pick up. Let me know what you all think.

The Maid of Choice

At the end of February I opened a poll asking readers to vote for their favorite recently appointed maid in Daniel’s family. Towards the end of last month I closed the poll after a clear winner had been chosen. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to many, but the grand majority of readers voted for Sheal as their maid of choice in Daniel’s family. Personally I wouldn’t mind having this smoking hot (no pun intended) salamander woman walking around my home dressed like that… provided she didn’t accidentally set any of my belongings on fire in the process. At any rate, let’s take a moment and bask in the radiant and somewhat sweltering hotness of this beautiful firestarter and appreciate the last gift Squeak bestowed upon her family.

Current work list

It may be hard to believe, but I do have a life outside of writing. Family, friends, never-ending backlogs of anime/games/movies, and so on. Even so, writing has become a passion of mine and has allowed me to continue with getting more releases out than your average non-writer (shocking, I know). To keep everyone up to date on what I’m working on and to give some perspective for future releases, here’s the current workload happening on my computer.

Currently being worked on:

Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act II

This one should come as no surprise, seeing as its the most anticipated and asked-for book series I currently have going. It’s still in the early stages of development, though is making substantial progress rather quickly. No ETA for release as of now.

Chronicles of Eden – Boxed Set 3

Yes, another digital exclusive is in the works and its going to be the next boxed set for Chronicles of Eden. This one will have the last four books of Season 1 included in it, four special fan-service illustrations for readers, and will hopefully be ready this summer if all goes according to my master plan.

Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness – Act VII

This is something many long-time fans will be happy to hear about, and that’s my return to the fanfiction that started everything for me. The revisions of the previous Acts will have to wait, that is a rather tall order to fulfill after all, but for now the series is getting ready to pick up where it left off. The upcoming chapter will start with Tsukune and Ren as we see how they’re doing in Paradise, and then will shift to Moka and the gang as they take on their new roles as the Monster Coalition in the human world. ETA for release is not yet available, however the chapter is being worked on in my free time between the other two projects, so hopefully it won’t take too long to finish.

Currently being planned for production:

Chronicles of Eden – Untold Stories

The first side-story for the Chronicles of Eden series is getting ready to make its debut. This unique collection will focus on various characters from the series and will take place before and/or during Season 1 as we see various side-stories revealed of many characters in the series, a few of which include Clover, Diago, Max, and Vale. The book will jump from one ‘untold story’ to the next as it shows readers events and locations in the world of Eden that haven’t been shown in the main series. No ETA for release on this one, though expect it to be published after the upcoming S2. Act II and Boxed Set 3 books.

Chronicles of Eden – Wildfire

Not only is the Season 1 artist Nuciferyne working on the illustrations for the Boxed Set 3 collection, but she’s taken on the role of artist for the upcoming origin comic starring everyone’s favorite little witch, Alyssa. This manga will explore the history of Alyssa and show how she became the infamous Wildfire Witch in Eden, and how her life wasn’t all that great until she met the man of her dreams later in her life. As before, no ETA on this one, but expect it much later given how creating this will take some considerable time.

Currently on the backburner for production:

Demons of Aether – A Cold Shadow

The next book in the Demons of Aether series had already begun being written, however it’s currently on hold as previously mentioned projects are taking up all my time. This book will take place after the events of the first one and will feature a new protagonist that will come into contact with Talon from the first entry. For fans of Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness, you’ll be happy to hear that everyone’s favorite shadow demon will be starring in this book. The shadow demon, Dark, and his cute little master, Arial, will be helming the next entry of the Demons of Aether series. No ETA for release, as of now the story is on hold until the other projects are done.

Nightworld – Book 2

This new series did garner a lot of attention and sales with its only release so far, and I am eager to start the next book which will further explore the, no pun intended, dark world they live in. For now though, like Demons of Aether, this series has been set aside so I can focus on the more in-demand stories with what little time I have in my day. The next book should be coming out around the same time the next Demons of Aether hits the online shelves.

And the winner once again is…

This elven beauty just can’t stop topping the polls. “Who’s your harem queen of Daniel’s family?”; Clover. “Who do you want to see mate with Daniel next?”; Clover. “Who’s your favorite monstergirl in the series?”; Clover. Each and every time she’s part of a contest, she wins by a monstrous lead, easily over 50% of readers vote for her without hesitation. You have to give credit where credit is due, this vixen huntress has captured the interest and hearts of more than just Daniel Sorres, and not just because she’s the group’s sassy archer with a sharp and talented tongue. She’s become one of the most recognizable and revered characters Chronicles of Eden has to offer simply by being herself. Until the next poll is hosted, she gets to wear the crown once again, and she’s looking great while doing it.