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End of the Year Book Sale!

As promised, it’s time for the last holiday sale for me to hold this year, and I’ve arranged a lovely treat for everyone. With the first book in the series, Chronicles of Eden – Act I: Second Edition, finishing up it’s free giveaway tonight, the rest of the books are scheduled to go on sale immediately after. And by that I mean that all the books from Act II all the way to the newest entry Act XII will be going on sale from 12/9 all the way until 12/15 this month. Yes, all week you can find the digital copies of these books on Amazon for 50% off! That means for seven full days you can get 11 of the monstergirl books for the low price of $1.99USD! Links to the store page included below for your convenience. And if you haven’t entered in the free giveaway for Act I there’s still time, link is provided below, so hurry up and click to see if you win!

This is the last big sale of the year and my final push to jump into the next year with running feet as the Chronicles of Eden series continues to grow in new, exciting ways. I’m hoping all readers, both new and those currently reading through the books, will enjoy this holiday gift as I continue to work on getting the next entries of the series ready for release. Make sure to subscribe, like, retweet, and share to help this story and my overall writing career reach a wider audience and grow to new heights. And if you like what I’m creating then please don’t forget to leave a review on the store pages, every bit helps the series shine brighter against the sea of fantasy books Amazon is also offering from countless other authors. With that, enjoy and have yourself a great holiday and end of the year!

UPDATE 12/10/18: There’s still some unclaimed prizes of the first book so the giveaway is being extended through this week as well! If you haven’t read the first book yet here’s your chance to win it for free! Link to the giveaway below.

Massive Book Sale Coming Soon!

With the winter holiday fast approaching it’s that time of the year again for amazing sales, and I’ve got a whopper planned for readers this year. An announcement will be posted very soon with more details when its almost ready, until then here’s some info to tease everyone with.

All of the digital versions of Chronicles of Eden books except the first one will be going on sale this month. This is due to restrictions on how many sales I’m able to do with the books on Amazon, and the first book already had a sale recently. Books 2 through 12 however will be massively discounted for the event, making this the biggest and most cost-saving sale I’ve ever held for the entire series all at once.

For readers who haven’t tried the series out yet, the first book is currently having a free giveaway until 12/9/18. Enter now for a free chance to win at this link. You may not be able to get the book for a heavy discount during the sale, but you could get it for free before the sale starts!

This is the last sale of the year and I’m hoping to make it the biggest and best yet. I humbly ask everyone who reads this to share this announcement with all they can. Post it on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, shout it out to the whole world to spread awareness of this holiday special that’s fast approaching. For those who haven’t jumped into the world of Eden yet, I encourage them to give the first book a try before the sale starts, because if you like what you read you’re going to score on incredible savings with the rest of the series being offered for a heavy discount shortly afterwards.

With the latest entry in the series being finished up and a lovely art book readying for release, this is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get caught up on the epic saga of Chronicles of Eden, both for new and current readers alike. Stay tuned for updates on the sale at the end of the week, and as always thank you to everyone who buys, reads, and reviews the books on Amazon. I couldn’t be doing this today without all of your support.