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The Chronicles of Eden Community Is Growing!

The latest Chronicles of Eden book is out and people are jumping into the newest addition of Eden in record numbers. More readers are following the adventures of Daniel, Triska, and the many diverse characters in this expansive series, and I can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support with this. Book sales and art print sales are rising, the wiki is expanding, I’m looking into other merchandise options such as t-shirts and mugs (not sure when/if I’ll have figurines available, but that would be something cool to look forward to all the same), and I’m getting ready to start work on my next set of writing projects for this year that will be announced soon.

To everyone out there who buys the books, reads the books, enjoys the books, and so on, thank you for your support. I’m able to keep writing and building the world of Eden into a wonderful place to visit because of your help. I’d like to ask that if anyone out there enjoys the series and wants to see it grow and thrive, please make your voice heard as every bit helps. Write a review on Amazon, tell a friend about the world of Eden, add to a discussion post on the books’ wiki site or create your own; let me and the world know that there’s a great adventure waiting to be read with much more still to come in its future and there’s a growing number of people that want to see what comes next. I may be the author of the story and creator of its world, but you, the community, are the heart and soul.

Thank you all again, and stay tuned for further announcements 🙂


Chronicles of Eden Wiki is growing!

Slowly but surely the wiki page is coming together with more character information being added to the growing cast of the monstergirl series. Luckily I’m not the only one adding to the pages otherwise this would be progressing a lot slower, and for that I thank those that have contributed to helping this site grow. I’ve almost completed all of the main girls of Daniel’s harem and will be trying to get more entered in afterwards in a timely manner. Along with those being completed I’ve also started up the Discussion section of the wiki with a few topics that readers and fans can jump into quickly. Link is included below to the wiki and to the Discussion section that is located at the top navigation bar of the site. I encourage anyone and everyone to voice their thoughts on the topics if they want to and to even create new discussion posts to help the community grow further if they would like. I hope everyone enjoys reading what’s on the site so far and I can’t wait to see how large this and the community will continue to grow in the future.

Chronicles of Eden Wikia

Chronicles of Eden Wikia Discussion posts

Status update

Things I’m working on:

  • Chronicles of Eden – Act XI
  • Chronicles of Eden Wiki

Things I need to work on after:

  • Chronicles of Eden Wiki (it’s an ongoing project)
  • Chronicles of Eden – Act XII
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness (complete revision of series and continuation of Act VII)
  • Rosario Vampire: A Game of Chance
  • Rosario Vampire: Tsukune’s Head Girl – Retry

Things I want to work on after that:

  • Chronicles of Eden – Act XIII
  • Chronicles of Eden Wiki (will never be done)
  • Two side-story books for Chronicles of Eden
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness

Things I want to write and publish but not sure when I will have time:

  • Demons of Aether: Volume 2
  • Darkness

Things that are taking away from my writing time:

  • That thing called ‘sleep’
  • A massive backlog of Steam games
  • A massive backlog of Oculus Rift games
  • A massive backlog of anime series
  • A massive backlog of TV series

There’s your update on what’s going on with me. Now if you’ll excuse me my Nintendo Switch is bitching that I’m not playing with it enough, as it so frequently does these days.

Chronicles of Eden Wikia!

Well, I finally did it. After getting emails after emails after rocks thrown through my windows asking for this, I finally decided to do something about it. I’ve started creation of the Chronicles of Eden wikia page. It was bound to happen eventually, why not now? Readers and fans of the series are free to take a look, and if they’re so inclined, to add to it. I’ve just started work with it, getting pages and links created and beginning the long process of entering in all the details for… well, everything in the series up to the current point. Needless to say it’ll take a while to fully flesh out, but that’s to be expected.

For those wanting to take a look and watch as the pages slowly grow the wikia can be found here. Official links will be added to my website after I get more content set up on the page.

And now, back to work.