Daniel’s Growing Harem

Looking for your input

I’ve been looking into ways of expanding and helping a community for my books (or rather for Chronicles of Eden because that really is my main story, let’s be honest here), and I wanted to get everyone’s input on what they would like to see happen next. One thing that’s been brought up before was making a Discord server. While I could probably whip one up rather quickly, I’m curious how many people would find such a thing useful for them. I actually don’t use much for Discord servers myself, even with my online gaming, but what do you all think? Is a Discord server for my books something you would want to use? Let me know below.

Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas to everyone from the world of Eden! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic new year. I’ll be busy at work on the next Chronicles of Eden book between family visits and sleeping off food comas, but I wish you all the best as we wrap up this year.

Looking For Your Input

While I’m busy at work on the next book, I’ve noticed that I already have most of the art pieces needed for it done, that being because I commissioned them for S2. Act III and then decided to postpone them until the next book. Since that’s the case and I have some free time to commission other things, I’m thinking of having a better cover made for the Chronicles of Eden Season 1 Collection on Amazon. As many have noticed, it’s a rather crude cover piece, and the reason for that is simple: I made it and I have no art skills whatsoever. Yes, it’s painfully obvious why I reach out to talented artists to have this stuff done right. At any rate, I will be having Daniel Sorres on the cover (no surprise there), but I’m wondering who else to have on it with him. In fact, I’m very curious what the readers would like to see.

So here’s the question I propose to you all. If you had to choose up to four other characters from the book series to join Daniel on the cover, who would they be? Let me know in the comments below who you think should be on the Season 1 Collection cover, and I’ll see what can be done about giving a suitable cover for new and current readers to enjoy.

Also, I want to thank everyone that’s been helping the Chronicles of Eden Wiki grow over the years, and also recently with all the updated info and edits that are being made. I am so thrilled to see so many people taking part in helping the community grow and thrive, and I appreciate all the help with building the Wiki page as I do struggle to find free time to update it myself. Thank you everyone for your contributions, you’ve been a colossal help with getting the site updated. And to anyone who wants to contribute to the pages or just strike up a discussion in the Wiki forum, I invite you to add your own magic to the community. I always look forward to seeing what readers are thinking about when it comes to the world of Eden.

December Update

Just another update to let people I’m still alive and working on the next book. The next act of Chronicles of Eden is underway, more pages for the Wildfire Comic have been uploaded, and I’m planning an overhaul of the forum section on my main website (more accessible and easier to navigate, I hope). Lots of stuff to do and look forward to.

And with that, it’s back to the grind. Until next time!

Wildfire Comic Update

The next batch of pages (40+) have been added to the Wildfire Comic. Expect more coming soon. It’s only a matter of time before more familiar faces will be seen 😉

Chronicles of Eden S2 Act III Now Available!

It’s finally time! After two years, the next book is out! I know it’s been a very long wait for everyone, and I am truly thankful for your patience with how long it took to get this book out. Life has been going through some big changes for me and it was hard to find time to sit down and write, but now I think I’m finally able to get back into the groove of things and get this series moving again.

But enough about that, it’s time to return to the world of Eden! The store page is now up HERE. Ebook versions are ready to go, with the paperback and hardcover versions set to appear later today. Grab your copy and enjoy the amazing and sexy adventures that await, I hope the long wait will be worth it for all of you.

New Book Formats!

I am happy to announce that new book formats are being made available for the Chronicles of Eden series, with one finishing its publishing process today while another is set to appear very soon!

The first is Hardcover books! That’s right, now you’ll be able to purchase the Chronicles of Eden volumes in either Ebook, Paperback, or Hardcover format. Check out their store pages for the newly added links if a hardcover book is more your reading style.

The next is Audiobooks! That’s right, I’m working with a narrator to have all the volumes converted to audiobook form! Granted this process may take some time, however I’m sure it will be worth the wait to have all of Daniel’s adventures available to listen to anytime, anywhere. I’ll keep you all updated for any advancements and releases for these!

Lastly, just an update regarding the latest Chronicles of Eden book. It seems that when I moved other scenes and character introductions off toward the next book, it only left two character illustrations needed for this entry. Daniel and his girls really took up the spotlight it appears, as now most of the commissioned artwork I made will have to wait until next time! Oh well, at least they’re ready to go for when it’s time. For now, this means that once I get the cover finished, the book is ready to release. And something tells me that it’s going to be ready very soon…

Free Book Weekend!

It’s that time again, the time for big savings and lots of books to read! I’m talking big books, with sexy monstergirls in an expanding world to explore! With that, I’m excited to announce that all this weekend of 11/6/21, I will have a huge promotion running to help prepare new and current readers for the latest book coming soon. As the next Act of Chronicles of Eden is nearing release, I wanted to extend an invite to all readers with this amazing deal.

All this weekend, you can grab the first four books of Season 1 for FREE on Amazon for digital readers! Acts 1 – 4 will be completely free for readers to sink their minds into and see how this monstergirl fantasy saga all started. But that’s not all, because books 5 – 12 are going to be discounted all weekend to the low price of $0.99! If you’re a new reader, or haven’t made your way through all the books of the first Season yet, now’s your chance to snag them all and get caught up for Season 2!

Make sure to check out the catalog on my Amazon Store Page HERE this weekend and take advantage of the savings! And if you find it in your heart to leave this author a review or two along the way, every bit is greatly appreciated and helps with drawing in more awesome readers such as yourself. I hope you all enjoy this weekend gift, and stay tuned for the upcoming release of Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act III.

The Long Wait Is Almost Over

After so long, I am pleased to announce that the manuscript for Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act III is now finished! Yes, after all this time, multiple edits and stretches of not being able to write at all, the manuscript for the next entry in the monstergirl saga is finished! So what does this mean for readers? When will the book be published? How much longer will it take?!?!

The answer is, not very long. I am currently going through the final script one last time to give it the last layer of polish, I am waiting for the final character illustrations and cover art to be completed, and then all I have to do is wrap it all together in a nice bow and upload it to Amazon (Eh, actually, forget the bow, time’s a factor here). At this point, the hardest part is over of making the book.

As an update to what the book will contain, I must let readers know that some of what has been teased in the past has been moved over into the next book in the story. The reason for this is simple: S2. Act3 was getting way too freakin’ huge! I don’t mind putting out large books, but there was simply too much going on originally in this entry that it came off as bloated in some parts. I wanted to cram in as much as I could, but the truth is I had to remove some and put them off until the next entry to keep the flow smooth and enjoyable in this one. That said, know that this book will focus almost entirely on Daniel’s side of things. Yes, there will be some character and world development outside of Daniel’s circle, but the major theme and performance of this entry is going to be of Daniel and his harem dealing with the ending of the last book (you all know what I’m talking about). So with that being said, here are some aspects of the story that were advertised earlier but will be postponed until the next book:

  • The next Ancient will not appear yet, instead that will happen later on
  • Aegis will not make her appearance yet, she’ll have to wait also
  • Daemon’s group will be absent, as well as Aeon and Flarah. Sorry, just not enough time to show them here
  • The princess of Rockhelm along with Leanna will show up later. Don’t worry, she’s swiftly approaching
  • One pixie will make her appearance in this book, but the other is going to have to wait
  • The name and illustration of a certain witch will wait until the next entry

However, there will be some new faces in this book, I did manage to add some in properly, although the main focus is of course Daniel’s group with their challenge.

That concludes this announcement, I’ll be sure to update you all with the next one when I’m able. Until then, thank you all for your support and patience! The long wait is almost over. The next book will be out soon, and along with it will be quite a few big announcements and reveals as well. Eden is coming back in a big way! Stay tuned!