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Newest Chronicles of Eden Animation

The latest animation has been completed, this time featuring Daemon’s sexy neko assassin, Tabitha. Her claws are as deadly as her blades, and you’ll be on the wrong end of either if you dare come between this cat and her precious gold. Expect to see this cat getting even wilder in Season II 😉

Wildfire Update

The latest batch of pages have just been added to the Chronicles of Eden: Wildfire Gallery, and only a few more remain for the first Act of the comic. I’m really excited to see the story come to life, and how readers will handle the future surprises coming up 😀

Updated Website Layout

It was a long time coming, but I finally got around to updating the layouts for the various book sections of this website along with making sure all active links are working properly. Let me know if there’s anything I can do/change to make it more accessible for new and current readers, or if there is anything else you want to see added.

Wildfire burns once again!

While I’m managing to find time now and again to continue work on S2. Act III of the book series, I’m happy to announce I also managed to have Alyssa’s origin comic picked up again! While the pages do take some time to be made, Eden will have its prequel story continuing for readers and fans to enjoy. I know, everyone would probably prefer a release date announcement regarding the next book, but at least more of Eden is always a good thing. Head on over to the gallery section here or on my other social media to check out the newest pages!

Armaments of Eden

The latest art piece for Chronicles of Eden shows a very different side to what monstergirls are capable of being. Sexy monsters are one thing, but how about sexy weapons? These three will be sure to liven things up in the world of Eden, for better or worse.

Update Time Once Again

I know, I know, I hear you loud and clear. Where’s the next book? What happened to you? Where have you been? What’s going on? Does this look infected to you? I can only say sorry for the delay so many times, I get that. So what is the deal, as they say? Well, simply put, a plethora of things.

First, what people want to know most about right now, is that I’m at the stage of revising the manuscript for the next book and doing my usual polishing before publishing. So at least that is making some progress. However, I can’t deny that this has been taking a while now, and people are getting understandably frustrated. For that, I am truly sorry, this isn’t how I want to treat the readers and fans of the series by making them wait so long. I can only offer a small explanation in my defense, but at the end of the day it still falls onto me to get the job done, and it hasn’t been finished yet, so that is my fault entirely. So, I am sorry about the incredible wait here.

As for what has been keeping me from completing the book in a remotely timely manner, like I said, many things during the past year. No, I didn’t get sick with you-know-what, though there was a close call that involved precautionary quarantining. Not exactly fun, but at least I remained healthy.

At any rate, the reasons for this dragging on for so long involve some small burnout initially (after the first two books in Season II released I was feeling a little spent with my writing energy), employment transitions and new focus in my life (big changes, big paychecks, big bites out of my time, etc), family changes (got married, getting ready to start a family, moving, all that jazz), personal health (trying to get to the gym more often, some quality R&R time to prevent future burnout, etc) and something all writers face; repeatedly going over what was written and changing/updating it to improve it (helps with quality, doesn’t help with progressing the story). There are other factors, but that pretty much covers it all.

TL;DR: I am sorry for the ludicrously long wait time here, and I am trying to get the next book out in the best condition possible as soon as I can. All the necessary artwork is done, all that remains is for me to finalize the manuscript, which is something I don’t want to rush through but at the same time want to complete very much so. I understand if this wait has put you off from the series entirely, I can’t argue with how you must feel at this point, all I can do is try my best and do what I can to get the next book out for readers to enjoy. There may have been some major life changes going on, but this is an aspect of my life that I don’t want to let go of, so I will keep at it however I can.

I hope this doesn’t detract from the magic the series has brought to everyone over the years, and that you’ll find reason to be patient with me a little longer. Until next time, take care, and stay awesome.

The Votes Are In

It looks like we had a close race, but a winner has been decided. The next art piece for Chronicles of Eden should be a real treat for fans of the series.

New Season 1 Covers Are Ready!

It’s been a while since I posted a big update like this one, and I’m happy to announce that the new Season 1 covers for the first 12 books are completed. Each book now bears a Season I banner and updated artwork to better show what’s in store for readers. I thought keeping some consistency with the new Season would be nice for readers and help new readers better see where to start when beginning their journey through the monstergirl world of Eden. All eBooks and Paperback books on Amazon should be updated within today and tomorrow for the new covers. I hope everyone enjoys the new art pieces!

Update after the long delay

Well it’s been about a month since my last update, so I figured it was time for another to let everyone know how things are going. In short, things have certainly been better. This post is mostly to inform readers and fans who have been patiently waiting for several projects to come out that there have been some setbacks for many. No, I’m not talking about the next Chronicles of Eden book, that isn’t involved in this. All the artwork for that book has been completed and I’m working to get it ready in in its finest form for all to enjoy.

This update is in regards to several other things I have been working on and planned to be working on, that have encountered some major problems that I have to deal with. And those problems are pretty much the same; those I’ve commissioned to help with them are no longer returning my messages or providing updates. In short, they’re pretty much gone. These are artists and programmers I’ve enlisted to help with numerous endeavors that I’m sad to see have been abandoned. I will not be posting names of who ghosted me as I don’t want anyone to go after them or provoke a fight that at this point is essentially meaningless and will bear no benefit for anyone, but I will let you know what was left in the dark. These include:

– Illustrations for the Chronicles of Eden Card Game

– Concept artwork for the Chronicles of Eden body pillows

– The Chronicles of Eden video game

– The Chronicles of Eden animated trailer version 2.0

– Various illustrations, from spicy group shots of the girls, Max’s complete harem portrait, and rendered scenes from the books

– Illustrations for Demons of Aether Volume 2

I’m sorry to say many of these won’t be seeing the light of day any time soon. For some, I haven’t heard or seen an update for over a year since they were first commissioned, so its a safe bet they won’t be coming out at all. I have nobody to blame but myself for this, of course. After all, when working with online people in general, there’s always this risk. It really sucks when it happens, especially when down-payments or even payments in full are made with them, but this is the harsh reality many content creators have to face from time to time.

So, I am sorry for the delay, and possible cancellation of some of these projects. I really wanted to share them all with everyone. For some good news, though, the new Season 1 covers for the Chronicles of Eden books are almost done and ready to roll out (just one more cover to be finished). I will happily continue working with that artist, and will attempt to find new ones for the projects I wanted to bring to life. Just know that it may take a while as my spare funding for these things needs to be sorted out after all this before making any notable expenditures in the future. That and I need to find some very trustworthy people to work with, which alone can take a while.

Until then, thank you for your patience with me, and thank you to everyone who continues to support me. It is greatly appreciated, especially in times like this.

The Dark Elves Are Coming

I know, I know, everyone’s grinding their teeth to dust waiting for the next Chronicles of Eden book to arrive. While writing has been slow due to multiple real life factors, I’m happy to say the manuscript is nearing completion. All that remains is to finish the ending, proofread and tweak the manuscript, compile the book, and then publish. Still not ready to commit to a solid publishing date just yet, but I wanted to let readers know it’s getting closer to that point. I hope this brings some comfort to those waiting to see what happens next, and know that Lizleth here will be making her debut very soon. What, you didn’t think The Sisterhood was out of the picture just yet, did you?