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New Chronicles of Eden Illustrations

I’m excited to present two more fantastic character illustrations from the amazing artist AngelHentai. The Chronicles of Eden gallery has been updated to include the new paintings of Mika Harollson the sorceress and Flarah the kitsune. These are some of the finest works yet from the artist and I can’t wait to see how the upcoming ones turn out when its their time to shine. For now, I hope everyone enjoys the newest additions to the Chronicles of Eden art gallery. If you want to learn more about the characters, links to their wiki pages are listed below.

Mika Harollson

Mika Harollson’s Wiki Page

Flarah’s Wiki Page

Focusing on my work + New changes

Before I get to the new changes, I want to make an announcement regarding all my current projects, books, writing, and general life. And that is I’m taking on too much and it’s affecting my productivity in a bad way. Simply put, I’m stretching my mind and available time to thin across multiple projects that I want to get done, and the result is slower productivity and more fatigue for this author. To put this in perspective, here is my current workload before writing this:

  • Writing Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act II
  • Running online marketing ads and social media to keep interest in my books up
  • Writing scripts for three different comics (Vale’s Tales, Alyssa’s Origin Story, and an upcoming adult manga)
  • Writing the next Demons of Aether book
  • Writing the next Nightworld book
  • Continuing my fanfiction, Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness, which involves me refreshing my memory with all current events in the latest Act to continue it properly
  • Designing a card game for Chronicles of Eden
  • Putting together the third boxed set for Chronicles of Eden
  • Updating the Chronicles of Eden Wiki

All of this on top of keeping busy with friends, family, and life, has me running on empty more often than not. And I have to place blame on myself for this. I’ve given myself more responsibilities and deadlines than I have time for. And what’s happened because of that? Progress with the next Chronicles of Eden book is behind schedule. The fanfiction isn’t making progress at all as I’m having consistently issues with all the characters from where I left off. The card game needs more testing before going into production, so far it’s incredibly imbalanced. I’m behind in updating pages that have been on the Chronicles of Eden Wiki for so long now. And frankly, I’m burning myself out trying to manage everything at a decent pace. Again, nobody to blame but myself. But I have to do something or else I’m never going to get anything done at this rate. So here is my new worklist after writing this:

  • Write and finish Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act II. It’s roughly one month away from being done as of now, sooner if I focus more time and energy on it.
  • Continue keeping up with my marketing and social media updates. Part of my job as a self-publisher after all.
  • Only Chronicles of Eden comics will be worked on and planned for now, however Act II takes priority.
  • Finish compiling the third boxed set for Chronicles of Eden. Last two illustrations are being worked on now by the book’s artist.
  • Set aside time for updating the Chronicles of Eden Wiki, especially pages that are still empty!

And that’s it. All other projects are on hold until an undetermined date. The above projects are more important and need to be finished, after all they directly tie into my living as an author and they deserve my focus right now. I’m not going to take on anymore projects until those are done. I’m not going to make more promises on finishing things that I can’t reliably handle right now. I need to free up time not only to finish those important tasks but also give me some breaks now and again. Forget my backlogs of games and movies that’s been piling up, I could just use a quiet nap or time to take a walk through the park just to unwind. Seriously, I love writing, but even I need some rest from it now and again.

As for the things I’m putting on hold, I cannot say when I will get around to them as of now. For readers of my fanfiction, I’m sure this isn’t news you wanted to hear, but I have to be upfront about it and make this call. The chapters I’ve tried writing to continue the story have been well below my standards, and I’m not going to push out a chapter just for the sake of doing so if it’s going to be a detriment to the overall story and fandom. I want to continue the story, I do miss it, but right now I honestly don’t have the time or energy to focus on it. Trying to do so is only hurting everything I want to work on and I need to accept that. I’m sorry if this disappoints any of you, but I have to do it. If not for the story’s sake, then at least for mine.

These changes are going into effect immediately, along with a few others as well. I’m going to make time to update my Facebook Group page and also keep up with tweeting quality updates and maybe a meme or two on my Twitter. I’ve also updated my Patreon page with a new reward list, with a new informative chart for everyone to easily see what they’re getting if they subscribe. An artist needs support to survive after all, and this one wants to continue writing stories for a long, long time still.

And that concludes my announcement. I hope I haven’t let anyone down by making these changes to my worklist, and if I have then I am truly sorry. I’m only one person, and I have to accept that I can only do so much at once. I hope you all understand and will continue to support me as I strive to become a better writer, author, and reliable publisher. Thank you.

Which do you prefer: butterflies or centaurs?

While the next book is being worked on, I’d like to propose this question to everyone. Between these two sets of monstergirl sisters from Chronicles of Eden, which is your favorite? The butterfly twins Falla and Luna, or the centaur princesses Hollia and Kroanette; which of these lavish, lustful ladies would you want by your side, or behind closed doors? 😉

Falla & Luna – The Butterfly Twins
Hollia & Kroanette – The Centaur Sisters

Newsletter Paused

Okay, not sure what happened, but at the moment the newsletter service is currently down. I’ll have the signup form and services back up soon, until then I’ve disabled the form (since it doesn’t work yet). If you’ve tried to signup for the newsletter during the previous day odds are it didn’t go through, but I’ll keep you updated all the same. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Website Look and Features

It’s been long enough, the site needed a big change. Now it has a new look, easier navigation, and new features. For long time readers and newcomers alike, I’d like to direct your attention to the new side bar to the right, which not only has links to all my social media websites and Amazon Author page, but also a signup window for my mailing list. Subscribers who signup receive frequent updates on sales, promos, news, and sneak peek snippets from chapters of the upcoming book I’m working on. For eager readers who are itching for the next book to be released, you’ll now have upcoming scenes emailed directly to you to help keep you from grinding your teeth to dust, how cool is that?

And with that announcement out of the way, it’s back to work as usual.

EDIT 5/9/19 – Currently I have the newsletter signup disabled as the service is temporarily unavailable. When its back up and running I’ll post an announcement. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Join the Chronicles of Eden Fandom

If you haven’t yet, then I wish to invite you to join the growing community over at the Chronicles of Eden Wiki. Not only can you find detailed biographies, lore, and character details down to the exact measurements of the sexy monstergirls that fill the story, but you can also join in on the discussion board to talk about any and all things Chronicles of Eden with other readers and the author himself. Feel free to start up a discussion post about anything you wish, learn more about the world of Eden and the vast character roster that it holds, help build the pages if you feel the urge to, and enjoy the rising hype as the next book in the series draws ever closer.

More Eden Projects

Aside from the obvious with Chronicles of Eden S2. Act II, a few other Chronicles of Eden projects are in the works or are happening right now as you read this. What am I talking about you may ask? Here’s what’s in my work queue right now and what readers can look forward to seeing in the not-to-distant future.

1. A Chronicles of Eden Card Game is being designed! Right now it’s going through that whole, “Design a functioning game first before mass production” phase, but it’s coming along very smoothly so far. Not sure if I’ll opt for a video game variant or a physical card game to order, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, the game is focusing on letting players step into the shoes of Daniel Sorres while collecting beautiful harem members, searching for the Key Fragments to trigger the final boss (The Gemini), and even face off against Daemon and his own growing harem to decide how the final battle will take place. And yes, the game is designed for one person to play solo, but that’s not so bad considering all the lovely girls you’ll have fighting by your side during it.


2. Alyssa’s Origin Comic is on the table to be drawn by the Season I artist Nuciferyne. So how is it going to be accessed by readers? By charging $100 on Amazon for a paperback version only and- lol, nah, just kidding. It’s going to be free for readers! Hooray! The comic will be posted on my social media as pages are completed. However, Patreon supporters will have early access to the pages before they go live. More details on this once it’s ready to launch.


3. Vale’s Tales. Yes, that’s right. Vale’s Tales. What’s that? Why, it’s tales told by Vale of course. Or more specifically, another comic that’s going to be posted in the same manner as Alyssa’s Origin Comic. Only this one isn’t about just Alyssa. This will be a collection of short shorts, or tales if you will, about random everyday antics of the story’s cast. Some will be canon, some will be what-if scenarios, some will be quite spicy and saucy to read, while others will be made to simply make you laugh out loud. And some might do all of the above. Who knows, except perhaps Vale herself. The comic will be free for public viewing, with Patreon supporters being given first look at the pages before they’re released. If you’re interested in reading it, then you’ll be happy to know the first four pages were posted today! Check them out -> CLICK HERE!


4. Boxed sets. In case you missed the news, I covered it all in my previous post HERE. In short, a Season 1 Collection for Chronicles of Eden is now available for digital download, and a Box Set 3 is in the works to follow up the previous two that have been released.

Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Collection!

It’s finally here, the complete Season 1 boxed set for Chronicles of Eden! This digital collection contains all twelve of the first books to this expansive monstergirl series, along with all character illustrations that were created for the books and those that were created afterwards. This gigantic set is the perfect way for new readers to jump into the world of Eden with its first story arc, and for collectors of the series it makes one fantastic gift. Follow the journey of Daniel Sorres as he embarks on a noble crusade to instill peace between monsters and mankind of his world. Watch as he accumulates a loving harem of sexy monstergirls, grows from a meek visionary into a brave knight, learns to balance his life between fostering peace with different monster races and also his many beautiful mates who all want more “quality” time with their revered hero, and makes his stand against evil that threatens to annihilate everyone in Eden. The story has much more set to happen in the future, but this is how it all begins, so grab your copy and venture into the dangerous and lewd world of Chronicles of Eden.

Also, for those wondering about the 3rd Boxed Set for Chronicles of Eden, it is currently being made and having illustrations drawn up for it. For readers who have the first two boxed sets, don’t worry, there will be a third coming soon.

Two new releases about to launch!

As many of you already know, the next Chronicles of Eden book is past the halfway mark of being completed, but that’s not the only Eden release set to happen soon. In fact two others will hopefully be ready to launch in the next few days. More details coming, but for now I’ll at least say what they are. A Season 1 Collection, and a new comic starring everyone’s favorite pixie. Oh yes, there’s going to be plenty of Eden coming before Season II – Act II launches, and plenty more awaits this year. Stay tuned for updates.

One Week Left for these Special Offers! Act Now!

If you aren’t aware yet, then take notice as a massive Special Offer event is going on at my Patreon for the rest of this week until midnight of 4/27/19 (LINK HERE: New and current patrons will be able to get some awesome exclusive goodies, and if enough patrons participate in the event I’ll be permanently upgrading a Tier reward for everyone! Here is what’s being offered:

  • Patrons who join/upgrade to Diamond Supporter ($20) or higher will receive a free signed copy of the latest Chronicles of Eden book (S2.Act1) and have their names included in the opening dedication of the upcoming Chronicles of Eden book (S2.Act2)
  • Patrons who join/upgrade to Gold Supporter ($10) or higher will have their names included in the opening dedication of the upcoming Chronicles of Eden book (S2.Act2)
  • If we get +10 patrons upgrading/joining the Diamond Supporter or higher, I will be adding the reward of being included in the opening dedication pages to Diamond Supporter permanently.
  • If we get +10 patrons upgrading/joining at least the Gold Supporter, I will post the opening preview chapter of the upcoming Chronicles of Eden book (S2.Act2) for all Gold Supporters and higher (normally a Diamond Supporter reward).

If you’re a current patron of either Diamond or Gold Supporter, you’ll still automatically qualify for the Special Offer and receive a free signed book/have their names added to the opening dedication pages of the upcoming book.

Not only that, but subscribing to my Patreon not only helps me keep food on the table and a roof over my head, but it also offers loads of fantastic rewards for supporting patrons, such as:

  • Sneak peeks at upcoming chapters of the next book I’m working on!
  • Previews of upcoming character illustrations!
  • Your own requested character illustration from any of my books, SFW or NSFW, your choice!
  • Having your name added to the opening dedication pages of my published books!
  • Having a cameo appearance in my books, with your personal character interacting with the cast in their world!
  • Helping me fund greater projects outside of publishing books, such as animated shorts, games based off of the books, and lots more!

Just as it is with my readerbase and the communities here and on the Chronicles of Eden Wiki, I’m hoping to grow our numbers and bring more people in to participate and enjoy the wonderful, and sometimes perverted, worlds I’ve created for everyone’s enjoyment. I hope to see you all joining our community and helping it prosper, and to everyone who has supported me thus far, thank you very much! This isn’t just something I do to pay the bills and live off of, it’s something I do for readers everywhere to enjoy and find something magical within it. And as always, thanks for reading!