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Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act IV Is Now Available!

It’s finally time! The latest entry in the lustful monstergirl saga is now available on Amazon! You know the drill. More monstergirls, more action, more sexiness, more of everything a reader needs to enjoy in the wonderful and lewd world of Chronicles of Eden! This mammoth entry is packed with a record number of 21 chapters for your reading pleasure, so head on over to the Store Page HERE to pick up your copy today!

Next Book Is The Biggest Yet

So it finally happened. I am unable to end the book any sooner due to events that need to unfold and also ones that must begin to lead into the next book. So, despite my efforts to keep it in line with previous lengths to Chronicles of Eden books, I’m sure everyone will be happy to hear that I failed to do so.

Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act IV will be the first book in the series to reach 21 chapters. Working on finishing the last ones up right now. Stay tuned for a release date.

Which villainess or wicked vixen of Eden is your favorite bad girl?

On The Homestretch

It’s been a long time coming, and the time is almost upon us. Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act IV is almost ready for release. The last two chapters need to be finalized and the overall draft needs one final proofread, and then the latest entry is ready for everyone to dive into. I know readers are eager to see the return of Daniel and his ladies, and I’m glad to say the wait is almost over.

So what’s in store for readers this time around? Well, a lot actually. This book has shaped up to be one of the larger entries in the series, almost hitting 20 chapters at this point (I’m trying to keep it from reaching that high in one book, but there’s a lot to tell in this one). While the chapter count should remain just below 20, it’s still going to be a hefty addition to the saga. Since the previous book’s release, I’ve teased several events that are coming up in the story, and what I had wanted to include in this new entry. Now, I have a clear sight of what was able, and not able, to make it into this book. With that, here is a final update for what to expect.

  • The majority of this book will center around Daniel and his girls as we learn what happened before their trip to Stonegate, with the story catching up to Daniel’s current situation with Eirene.
  • The highlight will still be the same as planned: Daniel vs Arixis and Kryelle. We had a nice warmup with Daniel’s fight against the Gemini, now it’s time to turn it up a notch.
  • The Ancient harpy, Harrow, is set to make her debut, however only briefly as she foreshadows her actions for the next book. The Ancient succubus, Torment, will have her introduction moved to later as there wasn’t time to squeeze her into this one.
  • Daemon and his group will only be seen briefly as well. Don’t worry, they along with Max and his friends will have their turn in the spotlight during Act V.
  • Daniel’s girls will have their turn to step up as heroes alongside their man, and what they do will certainly surprise everyone.
  • Daniel’s heritage will be touched upon at long last.
  • The Princess of Rockhelm’s introduction will have to wait as well. Her debut will be sure to raise the stakes for our heroes.
  • Daniel’s dream of an alliance will firmly take hold.

Stay tuned for a release date, it won’t be much longer. Hopefully by next month everyone will be able to enjoy the new book. Until then, have a great weekend and stay awesome.

Looking For Your Input

It should come as no secret that Chronicles of Eden is my flagship story, one that I both love to write and has provided actual income for me and my family. It’s a big story, with lots to explore and tell. Not only that, but I’ve had art pieces and even animations commissioned for it, with each one adding to the magic that the characters in the story have brought to life for so many readers.

Of those, the animations are especially cool to see, and I hope everyone enjoys watching their favorite characters coming alive right before their eyes as much as I do. Of course, animations are more expensive to make than simple art pieces, so I need to choose carefully on which ones to have made. That being said, I’d like your input on this.

What kind of animations are you interested in seeing more for Chronicles of Eden? Let me know down below so I can get a better idea of what my readers want to see most.

New Chronicles of Eden Animations!

There are some new animations up in the Chronicles of Eden gallery, this time showcasing three lovely ladies wearing a new type of S&M apparel. Unlike the last animation set of this variety, however, these ominous chokers aren’t just for fun with these girls. A new danger for the monstergirls of Eden is coming soon in the story, and the power it holds over these girls isn’t to be underestimated.

Check out the animation gallery HERE, and the first look at another method of taming these beautiful vixens: Luststone collars.

Hope Everyone Has A Happy New Year!

The year is almost over, so its time to celebrate us making it through yet another one, and brace ourselves for what awaits in 2023. I hope all of you have a great holiday weekend and a wonderful new start to the new year.

As for me, I’m getting ready myself, as well as finding time to continue work on the next Eden book. I know many, including myself, wanted it released this year still, however I feel there’s more I can do to polish the story and make it better, so I’m sorry to say the story isn’t ready for release just yet. There has been a lot of buildup for what’s coming in this book through the series, and I want the spectacles and surprises to be as amazing as they can. As soon as I know for sure the book is ready, I’ll announce an official release date. Until then, thank you for your patience and support, and I look forward to bringing you the next entry of Chronicles of Eden when the time is right.

For now, have a great weekend, and an awesome new year.

Chronicles of Eden’s First Audiobook!

After so long, the first book in the series is now available in audiobook form! Chronicles of Eden: Act I has finally been recorded and published for your listening pleasure, and it’s available through Amazon/ACX Audible. For a direct link, click below to be taken to the store page to download your copy today! I hope you all enjoy this treat while I continue working to get the next book in the series completed, and be sure to leave a review/comment to let me know what you think of the audio version of the story.

>> Chronicles of Eden: Act I Audiobook Store Page <<

The Next Book’s Cover Art Is Ready

The artwork is all set for the next entry. Now all that remains is to finish the manuscript. It’s been a long time coming, and I know everyone is eager to see what happens next. I’ll keep working as hard as I can to get this book finished as soon as possible. With what’s in store, I’m not rushing anything and taking my time to make sure this entry is as perfect as can be. Until then, prepare yourself, for things are about to heat up in the world of Eden.

Big Chronicles of Eden Sale!

It’s about time for another book sale, and it’s starting right now! Beginning from today and through the weekend, Chronicles of Eden: Act I is now free for download via KindleUnlimited. A free book weekend sounds nice, right? Well, the savings don’t stop there. In case that book happens to catch your fancy, the next 5 books in the series are being discounted to $0.99 this weekend! That’s right, Chronicles of Eden: Act II through VI will be heavily discounted the weekend of 10/8/22. That’s a total of 6 books in the series that are available for new readers, for a ridiculously low price!

Check out the Amazon store page here:

If you haven’t read the series yet, now’s your chance to get a big start on it before the next entry comes out soon. Lots of monstergirls, lots of action, lots of adventure, and of course, lots of R18 content for your enjoyment!

Feel free to like, share, and spread the word; every bit of support is greatly appreciated and helps the series continue to thrive.