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The Votes Are In

It looks like we had a close race, but a winner has been decided. The next art piece for Chronicles of Eden should be a real treat for fans of the series.

New Season 1 Covers Are Ready!

It’s been a while since I posted a big update like this one, and I’m happy to announce that the new Season 1 covers for the first 12 books are completed. Each book now bears a Season I banner and updated artwork to better show what’s in store for readers. I thought keeping some consistency with the new Season would be nice for readers and help new readers better see where to start when beginning their journey through the monstergirl world of Eden. All eBooks and Paperback books on Amazon should be updated within today and tomorrow for the new covers. I hope everyone enjoys the new art pieces!

Update after the long delay

Well it’s been about a month since my last update, so I figured it was time for another to let everyone know how things are going. In short, things have certainly been better. This post is mostly to inform readers and fans who have been patiently waiting for several projects to come out that there have been some setbacks for many. No, I’m not talking about the next Chronicles of Eden book, that isn’t involved in this. All the artwork for that book has been completed and I’m working to get it ready in in its finest form for all to enjoy.

This update is in regards to several other things I have been working on and planned to be working on, that have encountered some major problems that I have to deal with. And those problems are pretty much the same; those I’ve commissioned to help with them are no longer returning my messages or providing updates. In short, they’re pretty much gone. These are artists and programmers I’ve enlisted to help with numerous endeavors that I’m sad to see have been abandoned. I will not be posting names of who ghosted me as I don’t want anyone to go after them or provoke a fight that at this point is essentially meaningless and will bear no benefit for anyone, but I will let you know what was left in the dark. These include:

– Illustrations for the Chronicles of Eden Card Game

– Concept artwork for the Chronicles of Eden body pillows

– The Chronicles of Eden video game

– The Chronicles of Eden animated trailer version 2.0

– Various illustrations, from spicy group shots of the girls, Max’s complete harem portrait, and rendered scenes from the books

– Illustrations for Demons of Aether Volume 2

I’m sorry to say many of these won’t be seeing the light of day any time soon. For some, I haven’t heard or seen an update for over a year since they were first commissioned, so its a safe bet they won’t be coming out at all. I have nobody to blame but myself for this, of course. After all, when working with online people in general, there’s always this risk. It really sucks when it happens, especially when down-payments or even payments in full are made with them, but this is the harsh reality many content creators have to face from time to time.

So, I am sorry for the delay, and possible cancellation of some of these projects. I really wanted to share them all with everyone. For some good news, though, the new Season 1 covers for the Chronicles of Eden books are almost done and ready to roll out (just one more cover to be finished). I will happily continue working with that artist, and will attempt to find new ones for the projects I wanted to bring to life. Just know that it may take a while as my spare funding for these things needs to be sorted out after all this before making any notable expenditures in the future. That and I need to find some very trustworthy people to work with, which alone can take a while.

Until then, thank you for your patience with me, and thank you to everyone who continues to support me. It is greatly appreciated, especially in times like this.

The Dark Elves Are Coming

I know, I know, everyone’s grinding their teeth to dust waiting for the next Chronicles of Eden book to arrive. While writing has been slow due to multiple real life factors, I’m happy to say the manuscript is nearing completion. All that remains is to finish the ending, proofread and tweak the manuscript, compile the book, and then publish. Still not ready to commit to a solid publishing date just yet, but I wanted to let readers know it’s getting closer to that point. I hope this brings some comfort to those waiting to see what happens next, and know that Lizleth here will be making her debut very soon. What, you didn’t think The Sisterhood was out of the picture just yet, did you?

You all saw it coming

You knew she was coming back, it was only a matter of time. And now, Squeak is back in animated form as well. Part ant girl, part reaper; she’s the whole package 😉

Holiday Update

I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed themselves to the fullest, and that everyone remained safe as well. Thought now was as good as time as any to give everyone an update to what I’ve been doing lately besides enjoying the fireworks and dealing with bees making their nest right above my garage door (your days are numbered, mighty ones!). So here’s the breakdown of everything I’ve been working on:

+ New covers for Season 1 books of Chronicles of Eden – 75% complete
+ Play testing and tweaking the Chronicles of Eden Card Game – Still have more balance issues to fix before going public
+ Writing Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act III – Still working on Daniel’s (let’s be frank here) sex scenes with the girls. And that’s including the girl who isn’t in his harem yet 😉
+ New Chronicles of Eden Animation – Almost ready for release
+ Chronicles of Eden Body Pillows – Early stages of design

And that’s been my focus as of late. I’ll try to keep everyone updated more frequently, depending on what I have to update from this in the future and when. Until then, take care everyone, and stay awesome.

So, hypothetically speaking…

Let’s just say, for the sake of asking, readers of Chronicles of Eden would, for whatever reason, be interested in some different kind of merch for the series. Let’s say, oh I don’t know, some fluffy body pillows featuring characters from the story. If that happens to be something that would interest you, which characters would you like to have lying with you in comfort while reading the books? Let me know in the comments below, and I may or may not use such info for reasons that you can probably guess by now.

New Chronicles of Eden Animation

The latest animated portrait is complete, and this time it’s Flarah’s turn to heat up your screen. She’s been very calm through the series, patient and always keeping her sly smile on, but soon it’ll be her turn to let loose some fiery flames as she reveals what exactly this mysterious fox is really made of. Get ready, because Armageddon is coming to Eden very soon.

Update time, its been a while

Its been a while since my last update, so I thought I would speak up to let readers know I’m alive and well still. To answer your most heated question first, the next Chronicles of Eden book isn’t ready for release yet, and yes, I am aware I’m taking my sweet time with it. This is for a number of reasons; I want to make sure it is every bit as good as it deserves to be, and I’m also dealing with that pesky thing known as real life. Not exactly bad stuff happening, but enough to keep me busy and away from the writing process more often than not. I’m also managing a few other things I’m having done for the series, which include a new very hot animation, and new Season 1 book covers for the series. Plenty to do, so little time to do it. That’s how it goes sometimes. I’m sorry for those of you who have been grinding your teeth to dust in anticipation of the next release, I do want to get it out as soon as I can while having it match your growing expectations, so I ask that you have a little more patience as I work to get the next installment in the saga done properly. For now, I’m heading back to the writing grind while I can. Take care everyone!

In the next book…

Ragnarok’s sister is ready to step into the story, and to that only one thing can be said; “Protect!”