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After writing fanfictions and small short stories for a few years I decided to make a complete book, a series even, with a brand new world and characters to meet. This gave birth to Chronicles of Eden, which became my first official publication online as an e-book. Using all I learned and the style of writing I defined during the time creating my other works, I put together the novel that I had wanted to bring to life for quite some time. The book strays close to the line of being like an anime/manga, with its harem-style drama and being overly dramatic for the sake of humor in some parts, and is of course intended only for mature readers as it contains explicit sexual content.

The story takes place in the world of Eden, a world where monsters roam the lands. However these monsters are all female, there aren’t any male monsters born into the world. As such, these darker creatures are in need of others to breed with, which means those from mankind. In a medieval world of magic and danger the roles have become reversed, with the women taking up the blade to protect their men from the lustful monsters that seek to take away a mate by force, while the men try not to be taken away and raped. Monsters are considered the ultimate evil in the world and are hated by all of mankind, except for one. There is one human, Daniel Sorres, who believes that not all of these darker creatures are truly evil and malicious. Sure, many would rape a man to death while slaughtering all the women that got in their way, but Daniel holds onto his belief that some monsters can control their inner nature, and possibly be allies to mankind. With war between neighboring human civilizations and the threat of the true ‘Darker Ones’ of Eden, mankind needs all the help they can get to survive in this world, and certain monsters may be the key. Armed with only his knowledge and accompanied by his childhood friend, Triska Raylight, they will set out on a journey to find and hopefully persuade monsters to give peace a chance, to band together and help each other prosper, and hopefully put a stop to the endless conflict in their world.

The books are written to play out as if watching a harem/adventure anime from Japan with a western dialect, with it having many influences and references to various manga and anime series of similar genres.

Although the concept of all the monstergirls in the world being horny and wanting to have sex with men is a driving factor the story doesn’t act like a simple porno or smut book just for the sake of showing the monsters behaving as such. Instead it focuses on character and world development while throwing in risque and graphic scenes when needed. Daniel Sorres’ quest in Eden to recruit peaceful monsters in an effort to bring peace between the races acts as the main plot while different sub-plots and character arcs intertwine with his journey to provide broader world building, new and unexpected twists, and steady character development with the heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and everyone in between that play some role in the overall story. The series itself is extremely long and paces itself nicely with multiple villains to overcome and challenges to face for the heroes, with several spin-off books currently being planned to further develop backstories to certain characters while also revealing more of the world that hasn’t been seen by the readers yet.

The books are available in e-book and paperback format only on Amazon, book catalog can be found here.
A wiki for the book series is also available here, offering detailed biographies and information for the many diverse characters, locations, artifacts, lore, and more of the world of Eden.

With a story this big, the series has been divided into three major story arcs, or Seasons. Each Season has its own theme, major villains, and milestones for the heroes as they journey through the world of Eden on their adventures. For more details and book listings of each Season, please select the story arc of your choosing below.

For those wondering what Season III will hold, you’ll have to wait until it’s closer to release. For now, only its theme and title are revealed.

Aside from the ever growing book series, Chronicles of Eden also features some unique comics to further expand the world of Eden. Check out the galleries below for these special side stories.

Chronicles of Eden – Wildfire
Chronicles of Eden – Vale’s Tales

35 thoughts on “Chronicles of Eden

  1. Got both books, and ate them up, really enjoyed what you’ve got so far and truly looking forward to Act 3

    1. Glad you liked the books. I’m currently working on the next one, and aiming for a fall release this year. Stay tuned for further updates šŸ™‚

      1. Just wondering so before I try to get this it is only in kindle format. What I’m asking is that I can’t get this in paperback only in e format not paperback. Because if that is so than you lost my business I had issues with e format before so now I just stick with paperback and all of the reviews people are giving this they are saying it’s good and a great read. But if there is no paperback for this series then I’m done and won’t be able to read it. And I only use amazon for my book needs well thank you sir and nye

  2. Omg, I absolutely love this series. I want so bad to get act nine. I am even starting to see some cosplay for characters. I would love to see this animated.

  3. Started binge reading this 2 days ago and I’m at ACT VII I am looking forward for the kitsune to eventually come into play. Also want to say thanks for making a book series that looks like it will be a harem end. To many books go the harem route then I always get disappointed when the MC sticks to one girl when everyone loves him.

  4. A friend got me hooked on these, read up through act 9 over a few days. Any timeline for 10?

    Also, just wanted to say that your writing has improved massively over the course of these books. Well done.

  5. read them all except 5 (V) it’s the only book not sold in my country as a paperback or kindle…so i am ordering it from the states.

      1. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it. Amazon.Australia isn’t allowing the book to be sold in their store page, when this happens I’m not informed why its not allowed and given no notice either. All I can recommend is for the book that isn’t sold in your country to order it from the States or another Amazon store page.

        Either it’s too dirty or too violent in these cases, and that’s not something I’m going to change my books to cater to anyway.

        **EDIT** I just checked the Australian store page and Act V does appear to have a page and a review on it. Please check to see if the store page has been brought online for you.

  6. Act V seems to be unavailable in the Indian Kindle store. All the other version up to IX are there. Just completed act IV and am eager to read the next one so please fix this issue

    1. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about that. Amazon doesn’t even inform me what country store pages block what books when they’re published or why they have done so. I’ve reached out to Amazon in the past about it and receive nothing but silence on the matter. If the book isn’t available in your country then you would need to order it from another store page, that appears to be the only workaround. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. All I have to say is this PLEASE DONT KILL OFF KROANETTE?!?!?! Other than thAt I love your books from beginning to end I havent found another book like it

  8. dagnabbit Mr. Gordon, it’s a veritable hell you put us through waiting on the next books. I think one of the things that I really appreciate about your style is that it’s not over the top. The interactions are more or less realistic in their dialogue. Granted it’s a good mix of fantasy monstergirls, that would be a huge intercultural undertaking to have my own harem (which monsters would I want in my harem?), but the premise of needing human men creates it’s own story. That’s why I like the story because it plays with the “what if?” realistically In my opinion you taken the middle road from some of the writers available… somewhere between Aaaron Lee Yeager’s Kharmic Rebound and Brandon Varnell’s American Kitsune. A veritable hell, sir.

    1. Yes, the latest book is going through its final check and the last artwork is being drawn up. I know it’s been a while since the last book release, I stand confident that this one will be worth the wait.

  9. read every book in one day, i couldnt put them down.. love the series and cannot wait for act 13, hope it comes out soon

  10. I have the entire chronicles of eden series and love reading the books, book 12 in particular was unique and very good,it’s too bad what happens to squeak though. Anyway i would love to read the next book in this series so long as there is one, i at least would personally love to read about what happens next, i actually am hoping squeak will be returning to her family and her lover daniel sorres.

    1. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the series so far. Yes, more is planned for the story since there’s so much more left to tell. The next book and an artbook are being worked on and planned for release very soon šŸ™‚

      1. However long it takes, I know it’ll be worth the wait.This series is nothing but gold. Or luststone, as the case may be.

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