Welcome to A.Gordon Publishing, the nexus of all my creations in the adventure and fantasy worlds. From the paranormal/action series Demons of Aether, to the dystopian/suspense filled world of Nightworld, and of course my flagship book series with sexy monster girls, action, adventure, and spicy adult entertainment in Chronicles of Eden; this is where you can learn about them all. Or if you’re interested in learning more about yours truly, then keep on reading!

Allow me to tell you a little about myself. My name is Alexander Gordon, an author who loves to write for the joy of it with a slight addiction to anime and video games. I started my wonderful and, as expected, tiring journey through the world of writing by doing fanfiction first about an anime that I wanted to explore more in the world of. Yes, you could only imagine the amount of accolades I received doing that to begin with, and after continuing that for years with a smile on my face and a growing sense of joy for the craft I jumped over into publishing my own novels. And I’ve been doing this nearly everyday since then, something that has become a real passion of mine that can’t be beat by anything. To this day I am still writing and plan on doing so for a very long time, I have many stories I wish to tell after all.

From the stories I’ve written to the illustrations commissioned to bring the tales to life, all of my captured imaginative works are here for your viewing pleasure. The menus above will guide you through this site and the various stories I’ve written, so take a look around and immerse yourself in the worlds that I brought to life for your enjoyment.

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  1. Pins and needles here Mister Gordon, hope all’s well, best wishes! Hope to buy the the next CoE soon if possible.

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