Demons of Aether

With my book series Chronicles of Eden covering the harem/fantasy/romance category for my stories, another tale was created to change things up a bit from my usual genre of storytelling. Switching from a third person narrative to a first person experience, Demons of Aether allowed me to see and share the experiences of what’s happening in another world through the eyes of its protagonist. And while Chronicles of Eden combat relies on swords, arrows, and magic, Demons of Aether takes place in a modern setting with whips, scythes, guns, and magic. Okay, so there’s still magic, but let’s be real here; magic is awesome and allows for so many possibilities.

Unlike my larger story, Chronicles of Eden, this lighter series focuses more on getting to the action rather than developing a large cast of characters and gigantic world. The books are written from the perspective of the hero, with larger time lapses between chapters as the story moves quickly with its focus on what the hero is doing at key moments. Action and fighting scenes are given more time to shine with detail while story exposition is provided all through the mind and words of the hero.

The story takes place in the fictional city of Saint Rica, a bustling metropolis rife with both human and otherworldly dangers amidst its streets. Although being a modern setting, there’s plenty of paranormal and even magical events happening as the demons of both Hell and the Aether come to the mortal realm to wreck havoc. Luckily, there are some from the Aether who are taking up the good fight to keep humanity safe. As of the first book only one hero has been introduced, with following books planned to show new heroes starring in their own entries as the team of misfit demons joins forces with each other to stop an insidious plot by the demons of Hell.

The books are available in e-book and paperback format only from Amazon, click below to check the store page for each Volume.

Behind the world as it is known lies the Aether, a shadow of the living realm inhabited not by humans but rather demons and monsters. Souls of the dead, received neither by heaven nor hell, reside in this unforgiving limbo. However, some have managed to break free from this purgatory into the real world, once again setting foot on Earth to do as they please. Some do so to create chaos and bloodshed, others wish to do right and help maintain order and peace. And then there are those who merely wish to exact revenge on the ones that struck them down in life. By any means necessary.

Follow the journey of a fallen young man who is reborn as a demon of the Aether. Donned with the name Talon, gifted with angelic wings of steel, and armed with inhuman strength, his quest for revenge will take him through the Aether and into the mortal world as he chases after the one who struck him down. This is his mission in the afterlife, and his beginnings of becoming something more. A hero.