When reading a story it’s up to the reader to imagine the characters and worlds to the best of their ability with the descriptions given by the narration. Still, having artwork created doesn’t hurt either. Sadly I’m not much of an artist myself; should I try to draw a stick figure you may laugh at my poor attempt to argue that its a person and not a mutated boar from some sort of horrible gene-splicing incident. That being the case I have enlisted the talents of various other artists who have done extraordinary work helping me bring my characters to life in full colored form. Let me make something clear, all written works and literature from me are by me. All artwork is not. All credit to these fantastic pieces goes out to their respected artists.

Chronicles of Eden Artwork

Chronicles of Eden Artwork


Rosario Vampire - Brightest Darkness - Saga Cover

Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Artwork

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