With Chronicles of Eden covering the fantasy realm and Demons of Aether being placed in a paranormal modern setting, I wanted my next story to delve deeper into a science fiction universe while doing away with a magical element entirely. With that came Nightworld, a post-apocalyptic world filled with humans, mutants, and realistic firearms. Sticking with the first-person experience of the main hero as I did with Demons of Aether, Nightworld shows us what life is like through the eyes of a likable scavenger who is just as good with shooting hostiles as he is dealing with the harsh reality that is their darkened world.

Store pages for the series are listed below as they become available. All books are available in both digital download and colored paperback.

In a world untouched by light lives a surviving race known as humanity. With a perpetual night blanketing their home and deadly monsters lurking in the darkness, many are losing hope for a better future. Between starving, being raided by rival clans, eaten alive by nocturnal predators, or fading into the nothingness that surrounds them at every turn, this is a world most unforgiving. But not all have given up the fight to survive and move forward despite the odds.

Follow the journey of Riven Stellrock, a young scavenger of the Blacklight Clan with a penchant for making light of any situation, even those that have no light shining on them at all, and enjoying the simple things in life whenever possible. With food becoming scarce and hope swiftly dwindling, he’ll have to embark on a dangerous mission to explore the darkest, deepest corners of this endless world of night to save his people. However many things could quickly bring his noble quest to a violent end. Deadly bandits, ferocious monsters, or a high-tension love triangle between him, his childhood friend, and a silent vixen that has him placed in the crossfire. Being the hero isn’t always easy.