Chronicles of Eden – Season 2

Season II of the series has just officially started. Details of the story arc have yet to be revealed.

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The epic saga of Chronicles of Eden continues as we join Daniel Sorres and his lovely monster maidens in the aftermath of the great battle and tragedy that befell them. With his many beautiful mates and an entire elven community now depending on him, Daniel must shoulder the burden of losing his loved one along with his new duties as a much needed leader in these uncertain times. His quest to form peaceful alliances between man and monsters will need to make serious progress and quickly in order to ensure many races and their people survive the approaching danger in their land. Dark Queens are plotting to rule the world. A mysterious and ancient group of monsters are planning to wipe out all life in Eden. And a sword bound to Daniel’s soul craves bloodshed beyond imagining. It’s time for Daniel to show the world he’s not the same meek visionary who started out on this crusade so long ago. The time for a new noble to rise in Eden is at hand.

The monstergirl harem saga continues as new trials and danger await our heroes and their lovely maidens. For Daemon and his followers, an unlikely alliance with a dreaded foe may be needed to avert a great disaster threatening to befall them all, especially if his followers wish to live long enough to earn his heart. For Daniel, his skill with rhetoric will be put to the test as not only will the elven community need to be convinced that his dreams for peace are indeed possible, but so too will an old acquaintance who still isn’t sold on the notion of an alliance between them. Beliefs will be challenged. Mysteries will be answered. New friends will be found. And a challenge will be issued to Daniel to prove himself once and for all; that he can both bring the different races together under one banner, and that he can own up to his promises of satisfying his many beautiful mates.