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About AGordon

My name is Alexander Gordon, an author who loves to write for the joy of it. I started my wonderful and, as expected, tiring journey through the world of writing by doing fanfiction first about an anime that I wanted to explore more in the world of. Yes, you could only imagine the amount of accolades I received doing that to begin with, and after continuing that for years with a smile on my face and a growing sense of joy for the craft I jumped over into publishing my own novels. And I've been doing this nearly everyday since then, something that has become a real passion of mine that can't be beat by anything. To this day I am still writing and plan on doing so for a very long time, I have many stories I wish to tell after all.

A Decision Was Made

And to make it easier, it was practically made for me. As you may have known, I was toying with the notion of removing all my books from Amazon’s KindleUnlimited service and placing the books on multiple online platforms to offer them to more readers. While they would still be able to be purchased on Amazon’s storefront, they wouldn’t be in the KDP Select program anymore. This is a choice many authors need to make at some point or another: either expand to more platforms or focus with a single one. Some have better luck with one option while others have more success with the other, it’s just something that needs to be tested to find out what works best.

A recent poll I hosted showed many people wanted the books to remain in KDP Select rather than go multiplatform. This is understandable, many people use KDP and it certainly attracts a large audience all by itself. It was clear more people wanted it to remain in the program than see it go. This was something I could understand and empathize with. So I did further digging into all the aspects of both staying in KDP and removing my books from it, and came to solution, though not for the obvious reasons you may have guessed.

I had originally planned to do a trial run with going multiplatform. While I would always be able to return to KDP if I chose, I was curious to see if going multiplatform would even gain anything for sales and readers. However, that trial came to a swift end over the weekend. And it boiled down to a simple word that I couldn’t abide by: Censorship.

It wasn’t because the stories themselves told of humans and monstergirls doing the vertical tango or the horizontal cha-cha-cha in bed, or that there was killing, raping, and violence in the books that caused an issue (oddly enough). No, in fact it was the art. And not just the exposed breasts or scantily clad women, but some were just flagged for being “inappropriate” for no further reason (Aeon’s artwork for example was deemed this, which is odd seeing as she has the most clothes on!). In order to have the books posted, I would have needed to remove and censor many of the illustrations. And that was a no-go for me.

And not just because I like the art and wanted to keep them in the books. It was clear this was going to be a slippery slope, and these other retailers would very likely flag my books for more in the future. I’m telling a story of monstergirls and magic, of sex and sorcery, and love and lust. I’m not going to censor anything in my books, ever. As weird as it sounds, Amazon was the only retailer that was accommodating of my series.

So, faced with either censorship of my story or keeping it only on Amazon, I have chosen the only real option. The series will remain only on Amazon, in its entirety, as it has always been intended. That said, it will return to being in KDP Select once again as well. Hopefully the series can continue to grow and thrive on one platform alone, and here’s hoping readers will continue to give the series a chance.

New Animations Up

The latest animations are up for Chronicles of Eden, this time featuring the sexy butterfly twins, Falla and Luna. Both versions are up in the Animations gallery, so be sure to check them out and leave these beautiful girls some love.

A Special Scene From Act XII

Admit it, you wanted to see something like this for the cover of Act XII for Chronicles of Eden. But somehow, I don’t think the cover art would have flown properly through the verification process. Still, we can all stare at it now to our hearts’ content.

Latest Wildfire Pages Are Up!

The next chapter of the Wildfire Comic is starting up and the newest pages are now uploaded to the comic’s gallery HERE. I’ve also revamped the Wildfire Comic section to better suit the growing number of pages being added to the galleries. Now, the Prologue chapter is condensed into a nifty PDF file for viewing or download for all, while the latest chapter will have its pages added to a temporary gallery below. This will be how I will add future pages and chapters for the comic as this is far easier to manage and won’t bog down the site for people trying to browse through all the panels. I hope you all enjoy what’s to come, I guarantee you’ll be very surprised by the end of the chapter.

Chronicles of Eden is expanding!

And I don’t just mean in terms of story development and world building. The book series is expanding outside of Amazon heading into 2021. For those who use KindleUnlimited, you will want to hurry up and take advantage of it while the books are still enrolled in Amazon’s unique service. Each book is going to be hopping off of the KU service through the next two months as their KU enrollments finish up, after which they will be made available not only on Amazon’s storefront, but also many others! Readers on various platforms will soon be able to jump into the world of Eden, as it’s heading to new distributors such as:

  • Apple Books
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo (including Kobo Plus)
  • Tolino
  • 24Symbols
  • Hoopla
  • Vivlio

This will also include digital and paperback versions of the books. Not only that, but Demons of Aether and Nightworld will also be going multiplatform. It’s time to go wide with publishing, and to bring these worlds to many more readers!

Hot New CoE Animations!

The latest animations for Chronicles of Eden are done, this time with them being a double feature! It’s Star the jinx’s turn to be the star, and she’s showing more than her wild side in these hot animations. Admit it, you want to be bad with her 😉

Check out the animation gallery for both versions; naughty and very naughty!

Wildfire Comic is ready for the next chapter!

The prologue chapter of Chronicles of Eden – Wildfire has been finished with its final pages being made available to the public. I’m really excited to see what happens next appear on the upcoming pages, and I hope the story is to everyone’s liking so far. Rest assured, things about to heat up very soon. If you haven’t checked out the comic yet, or are eager for the latest updates, head on over to the gallery section here or on my other social media to check out the newest pages!

Newest Chronicles of Eden Animation

The latest animation has been completed, this time featuring Daemon’s sexy neko assassin, Tabitha. Her claws are as deadly as her blades, and you’ll be on the wrong end of either if you dare come between this cat and her precious gold. Expect to see this cat getting even wilder in Season II 😉

Wildfire Update

The latest batch of pages have just been added to the Chronicles of Eden: Wildfire Gallery, and only a few more remain for the first Act of the comic. I’m really excited to see the story come to life, and how readers will handle the future surprises coming up 😀