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The Maid of Choice

At the end of February I opened a poll asking readers to vote for their favorite recently appointed maid in Daniel’s family. Towards the end of last month I closed the poll after a clear winner had been chosen. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to many, but the grand majority of readers voted for Sheal as their maid of choice in Daniel’s family. Personally I wouldn’t mind having this smoking hot (no pun intended) salamander woman walking around my home dressed like that… provided she didn’t accidentally set any of my belongings on fire in the process. At any rate, let’s take a moment and bask in the radiant and somewhat sweltering hotness of this beautiful firestarter and appreciate the last gift Squeak bestowed upon her family.

It’s almost time…

Guess what is almost ready for release? It’s almost time to jump back into Eden. I hope everyone is ready, this ride is about to get very hot and intense.

First Publication of 2019!

After a long wait, one of the first three releases for Chronicles of Eden is now available for purchase. The Chronicles of Eden – Illustration Book is a must-have addition to any reader of the lewd monstergirl saga, or for anyone who loves images of beautifully drawn monster maidens. This collection is filled with character sheets, gorgeous illustrations, and plenty of extras, all in full, vivid color and available in a unique landscape paperback book for your viewing pleasure. With two more releases coming soon for the monstergirl light novel series, this is a terrific way to start the new year for this long-running series and its continuation with readers worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Store link is included below, so hurry on over and order yours today!

While we wait…

While I don’t have any updates yet regarding upcoming book releases, I wanted to bring a smile to everyone’s face nonetheless. So here’s a picture of Clover in her underwear for your enjoyment. You’re welcome.

New Chronicles of Eden Prints Available!

With the prices of the Chronicles of Eden Boxed Sets having been changed because of Amazon’s royalty system on bigger books/collections, I’ve decided to offer the exclusive pinups of the sets for all to view and even order as prints from DeviantArt. After all, these finely crafted art pieces deserve to be seen by anyone who loves the series, monstergirls, or just sexy ladies in general. Enjoy!