Holy networking, Batman!

Well, I’ve certainly established my online presence rather well. I’m posting this on all my major networking sites so I can keep an even announcement throughout all of them. So to sum it up I’m really out there in the internet now!

I have my own website at AGordonPublishing.com
I’m on DeviantART
I’m on Google+
I’m on Youtube.com
I’m on FanFiction.net
I’m on Facebook
I’m on SteamCommunity.com

I’m currently selling my ebooks on Amazon and having a video game made to upload onto Steam. I’m doing all of this along with writing the next book in my Chronicles of Eden series, as well as having that thing called ‘a life’.

You’d think at some point someone would say, “Okay, Alex, that’s enough. You can slow down now. Seriously, take a break.” But no, nobody has ever said that to me. Guess there’s no stopping me at this point. If you’re on any of the above networking sites then please check out my pages, I’m going to do my best to keep them all updated accordingly as I continue on with my writing career.

And should you ever see a post or comment from me saying “oijewiojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafifdvscscscscscscscscscscscsc” then assume I finally collapsed from exhaustion and face planted onto my keyboard. If so, please do not disturb me, I probably need my rest then.

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