Who’s the harem queen of the Guardians?

While the poll for who readers think Daniel should mate with next is still going, although at this point it’s looking like a one-sided race for one particular girl, I wanted to host this little poll with readers for a while now about a different topic. As of the latest book in the series, all of Daemon’s harem members have been introduced and have finally come together. Not only that, but Daemon’s “restrictions” with being near the girls has been dealt with as well. That being the case I know there’s going to be more focus with this harem for readers in the coming books, and rightfully so. Which brings us to this question: which of Daemon’s followers is your favorite? Which do you find more interesting to see and read about? Which are you hoping to see get closer with the man in the upcoming books? Essentially, who is the harem queen of Daemon’s group?

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