Keep the harem growing?

As many know who have read Chronicles of Eden, Daniel is one lucky bastard for having a large harem of lovely women and monstergirls. In Act IX the harem became officially complete, with 13 lustful ladies all becoming Daniel’s mates and eventual lovers. Since then readers have often expressed their interest in seeing more monstergirls added to his harem, more monstergirls to become his mates, more monstergirls because apparently this guy just has all the luck with the ladies and maybe we should see just how far he can push his luck. That being said, I’m curious to see how much people really think about this. What do you think? Should Daniel’s harem expand even further to include more varieties of monstergirls in it? Do you think the harem is large enough as it is and should remain closed? Cast your vote below and let’s find out what everyone really wants to see happen with Eden’s luckiest man.

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