Next Eden book is on the way!

The next Chronicles of Eden book is halfway done and is certainly going to please readers and fans of the series with its much anticipated launch. New locales, new monster girls, new factions, and new surprises await in the latest entry of this long-running saga, with a few special highlights I’m going to tease for everyone right now.

  • Finally venturing into Stonegate
  • Reunion with Kroanette
  • Daemon’s unlikely ally
  • Max’s growing harem
  • Daniel’s Alliance
  • And of course, some heated quality time with Daniel and his lovely mates

No ETA on the book’s release just yet, but it’s drawing ever closer. For more news and updates, keep watch on my social media platforms (DeviantArtTwitter, WordPress, Facebook). For special subscriber benefits and access to a plethora of Special Offers going on right now, visit my Patreon today and check out the awesome goodies offered to patrons. And as always, thank you all for your continued support, and I hope everyone enjoys the next installment of Chronicles of Eden upon it’s release.

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