Hot New CoE Animations!

The latest animations for Chronicles of Eden are done, this time with them being a double feature! It’s Star the jinx’s turn to be the star, and she’s showing more than her wild side in these hot animations. Admit it, you want to be bad with her šŸ˜‰

Check out the animation gallery for both versions; naughty and very naughty!

4 thoughts on “Hot New CoE Animations!

  1. Star the NSFW Jinx has to be my new favorite COE animation. Wonderful animation and one hot jinx, can’t wait to see the next animated picture you come out with. Any chance of seeing the rest of Daniel’s harem soon?

      1. so, you quit the CoE season 2 series to do comic series? its been over a year since CoE s2 act 2. yes? what of Night world? i like your writing and bought all the CoE’s before bundles were offered, losing faith here. animations are neat. but…. like i said, losing faith

      2. I haven’t quit the book series, the comic series is a side project that I try to keep going along with it. As stated in a previous blog post about the long release time, I haven’t had as much free time lately as I used to. The past year has been extremely busy for me. Again, I am sorry about the long release time with the next book, it’s not my intention to keep readers waiting this long. I’m doing what I can to keep the series going to the best of my ability.

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