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Finishing the year with a bang!

With only two months left in the year I’m going to be pushing myself to bring everyone even more content for all my stories. What do I mean by that? Check out these highlights:

Chronicles of Eden:

Two more Chronicles of Eden books are planned for release this year still! That’s right, you won’t have to wait long for more of the sexy monstergirl saga to be available. The Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Artbook and Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act I will be available on Amazon only and will also offer full colored paperback editions for the first time in the series. This winter is going to heat up with these two additions, so get ready for a whole lot more of Eden to sink your teeth into.

Not only that but during this upcoming Monday and Tuesday, Chronicles of Eden – Act I: Second Edition will be available for the low price of $0.99! 48 hours with a +70% discount on the digital version of the first book in this monstergirl series! If you or anyone you know hasn’t jumped into the world of Eden yet but would like to, this would be the chance you’ve waited for 🙂

New Book Series’ Coming Out:

With the release of the first Demons of Aether book comes the start of a brand new series for readers to enjoy. And not just that one, as another new series is getting ready to make it’s debut on Amazon this year. More details coming soon, but if a sci-fi/dystopian story with a mix of action and adventure spiced with a heated love triangle among the heroes sounds like something you’d enjoy, then this series is just for you. Both this series and Demons of Aether will be continued going into the upcoming year and will steadily grow alongside their big sister, Chronicles of Eden. Whether you love fantasy, action, urban, sci-fi, drama, or all of the above, I’ve got you covered 😉

Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: 

Fans of the series have stepped up to help out with the remastering and updating of this gigantic fanfiction, and I couldn’t be more grateful. If you wish to help as well then please contact me. And for those anxiously awaiting the continuation of this story, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of the revision and when it will once again start up. Thank you so much for being patient for so long. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

Growing My Community:

I’m currently using my blog, DeviantArtTwitterFacebookPixivFanFiction.net and Goodreads for my announcements and presence on the internet. I also maintain the Chronicles of Eden Wiki website as well as my Patreon Support page. And to top it off I’m readying a private Discord server for readers and fans to enjoy. But if I’m to continue with my writing career and bring more stories to life for readers everywhere, as well as eat everyday, I need to grow and expand my digital footprints. But I can’t do it alone, I’m only one man after all. I do my best to update my blogs and websites with news, fresh content, and updates as often as I can. And I try to update and manage the Wiki site as well as post on Patreon frequently for patron supporters. I want to build my fanbase, reach new readers, and bring joy and entertainment to even more people than ever before. And to accomplish that I’m asking my readers and fans to offer a hand if at all possible. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and allows me to keep doing this for a living (and I really want to do just that). That being said, I’m going to run the familiar, cliched, and tired-but-true line many content creators do.

Please help me out if you can! Follow my blogs. Like, share, retweet, and subscribe. Tell your friends about my books. Join the Wiki community with the discussions or page updates. Become a Patreon supporter. Leave a review on the Amazon store pages for any of my books. Anything to lend a hand with this difficult but still desirable job of mine that is writing.

With that I’m back to work with the writing grind. Thank you everyone for reading and helping me get this far with my passion, if it wasn’t for all of you I probably wouldn’t be here doing any of this today.

More coming soon. Much more…

With the latest entry of the Chronicles of Eden series now published on Amazon, it’s time for me to get ready for what’s next. Yes, of course that includes more Chronicles of Eden books, that series is far from finished. But it’s not the only one I want to write and show the world, not by a longshot. I’ll be posting more announcements when I have additional details, however for now here is a list of things I’m working on to show what I’m planning next:

  • Outlining the first draft for the next Chronicles of Eden book
  • Preparing the third boxed set for Chronicles of Eden
  • Working with a translator for the first Chronicles of Eden book
  • Publishing a second edition of Demons of Aether
  • Continuing the Demons of Aether series
Also need to look into:
  • Recruiting editors and draft writers for my fanfiction stories
  • Recruiting editors and moderators for my wiki site(s)
  • Recruiting a comics artist for a new story
  • Patreon?

So as you can see I’ve got a lot to do and look into. So many stories to write, so many characters to bring to life, so much to manage with keeping everything in order. But while I’m doing that please enjoy the books and stories I’ve currently made and know that as busy as I’m going to be, I’m still working on getting it all done while taking on even more because that’s just how determined I am with my career. That said, please don’t forget to like, share, leave a comment, leave a review, retweet, and just help spread awareness of this growing plethora of stories and content made for your entertainment to even more potential readers. Every little bit helps, and every bit is greatly appreciated. Thank you all who have supported me thus far, I hope I’ve made good on your expectations of me and will continue to reach to higher peaks so as not to disappoint in the future.

The Chronicles of Eden Community Is Growing!

The latest Chronicles of Eden book is out and people are jumping into the newest addition of Eden in record numbers. More readers are following the adventures of Daniel, Triska, and the many diverse characters in this expansive series, and I can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support with this. Book sales and art print sales are rising, the wiki is expanding, I’m looking into other merchandise options such as t-shirts and mugs (not sure when/if I’ll have figurines available, but that would be something cool to look forward to all the same), and I’m getting ready to start work on my next set of writing projects for this year that will be announced soon.

To everyone out there who buys the books, reads the books, enjoys the books, and so on, thank you for your support. I’m able to keep writing and building the world of Eden into a wonderful place to visit because of your help. I’d like to ask that if anyone out there enjoys the series and wants to see it grow and thrive, please make your voice heard as every bit helps. Write a review on Amazon, tell a friend about the world of Eden, add to a discussion post on the books’ wiki site or create your own; let me and the world know that there’s a great adventure waiting to be read with much more still to come in its future and there’s a growing number of people that want to see what comes next. I may be the author of the story and creator of its world, but you, the community, are the heart and soul.

Thank you all again, and stay tuned for further announcements 🙂


A Simple Announcement

I wanted to address a concern a number of readers have been emailing me about recently and hopefully quell that growing anxiety. As many, if not all, of you know I publish my books exclusively on Amazon. The books are available in ebook and paperback formats and are also part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service for Amazon. This means that all my books are only acquired on their store pages and only have their customer reviews to show for it. Something that has drawn attention to readers is the status of Chronicles of Eden – Act I, which currently has an overall 3 star rating on the site. This has prompted a number of emails asking if I’m worried or if this is a sign that the series isn’t doing well. It also brings up the question if I’m going to continue writing the series if this keeps up.

First and foremost, I’m always going to keep writing Chronicles of Eden. I love the series. I love the characters. I love the world. I want to keep going with it. Even if it had one star ratings on all the books I wouldn’t stop. I will never let the harsh words of others keep me from writing the words in these books. So don’t worry about that, this writer isn’t going to leave the series hanging on a perpetual cliffhanger.

Secondly, I want to state that the series is doing very well financially. It’s only selling more and more each month and I’m able to comfortably live off the royalties and art print sales alone. This is my full time job after all. I’m not saying I’m filthy stinking rich like J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer, but I’m doing alright. Don’t worry about me losing my home or anything, I’m not reduced to water and bread or living in a cardboard box. Sales have always been going well for the series and have only been getting better as time goes on and more readers jump into the world.

Third, I am aware of the review count for the books. The truth is most people don’t leave reviews, only a small fraction actually do. Ask any author, it’s the reality of how this works. People could love it or hate it, and they would still likely not leave a review. Granted, some are motivated to more than others, either by really liking the book or really hating it, but very few actually do take this extra step. The number of reviews on Chronicles of Eden – Act I is the vast minority of overall readers for the book, even if most of those reviews are showing as less than positive recently. There’s nothing I can do about this, I can’t demand or twist the arms of those who liked the book to leave a review, that’s entirely up to them. The review count isn’t hurting the book, it’s only making it seem less bright to new readers who first come upon it.

To answer the concern for the third point, if you or any reader is concerned about the review count or simply wants to help the book shine better on the store pages, then leave a review for it. Simple as it gets. It could be as short as “Loved the book” or “Great story” or anything like that. Doesn’t have to be a novel critiquing every aspect of the story, unless you’re that motivated to do so in which case go right ahead. Only takes 30 seconds, not even, to help the book shine, and every single review helps it do just that. I would love to see the book and the others raise to solid 5 star ratings, I truly believe that’s what they’re worthy of and will continue to believe that since I’m proud of my work. But if people don’t want to review for any reason, that’s up to them and I can’t fault them for that. They have to want to do it, they can’t be forced.

Whether the books get to five star ratings or down to one, I’m not going to stop writing for the series. I have a large story to tell and am currently planning several spin-off books to further explore the world and history of the characters. I’m never going to let the words of others keep me from doing what I love to do, so don’t worry about that. The truth is, whether people out there want to believe it or not, Chronicles of Eden is a success for me and is continuing to be as such. That’s all thanks to people out there who are buying the books and art prints and helping spread the word that the series is out there, that’s what shows the story is loved and wanted more of. And I’m more than willing and eager to keep the story going all the way through to its end.