September Update

Hello everyone. I know it’s been a while since my last update, and that’s partly due to why I’m making this update right now. Long story short; I’m starting to get a little burned out with writing Chronicles of Eden. And that should really come as no surprise given that it has dominated my writing for so long. There are currently 16 entries in the series, and I have another underway as we speak. However, it’s beginning to take more effort to write it as of late as my interests in storytelling have been itching to branch out in different directions. Simply put; “I wanna write something different for a change.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chronicles of Eden series and I do want to continue it still, this isn’t me saying the story is over now. But, I feel it would do me and the next entry some good for me to get a breath of fresh air in the creative tank and try something new and different. After all, forcing out another Eden book just for the sake of putting one out there wouldn’t work too well. So I’m letting you all know that I’m stepping away from the series for a little while and trying my hand at telling another story. At the very least, it will give me a break from telling the same one for so long now and allow me to return to it fresh and recharged.

So what’s up next? Another Demons of Aether perhaps? Or what about Nightworld, I hear some of you asking. Well, not exactly. Both of those books are fine and all, and maybe I’ll return to them someday, however they didn’t quite take off with readers, and to tell the truth, writing in first-person as I did with those is something I’ve found to be quite restricting with my storytelling. So, no, I won’t be working on either of those next. As for my Rosario+Vampire fanfiction that many have been asking for, I’m not going to say I’m not going over the existing acts and not possibly taking some time to clean them up to match my current writing standards before continuing the series… so that answers that question kinda sorta maybe. No, this new project I’m now working on is something I’ve been planning on writing for some time now, and for good reason too.

From my first writing experience in fanfiction, and with Chronicles of Eden itself, there have been two characters that have always held a special place in my heart that I brought to life. They were actually the first female OC’s I created and have continued performing so well in any role they’re placed in. The twin sisters, Astreal and Apoch; also known as the Sword and the Shield. Well, they’re going to be starring in my next book of that same title. And not only am I starting work on the first draft of this story, but I also had the sisters commissioned in animated form to show their new roles. While they will retain much of their personalities as readers have come to know with them, they will not be cast into the roles of witches for this story. No, instead it’s time they truly lived up to their monikers in proper fashion.

More updates to come. For now, take a first look at the Swordmaiden and Shieldmaiden as they prepare for their new adventure.

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  1. Take a break, write something else. Maybe we’ll all get lucky, and you’ll write something else in the same world. Maybe you’ll start a completely different story line in a completely different universe. Let your mind wander into different stories. Maybe you’ll get inspired to come back.

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