So why haven’t I been updating RV: BD Act VII yet?

This is a question many loyal fans have been asking me for a while now. Why did I just stop after only three chapters in Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness – Act VII? It’s been months, why not another chapter? Well, there are some reasons why, one being a very big one.

No, it’s not just Chronicles of Eden why I haven’t updated Act VII. Yes, I am busy with the next Eden book and even a video game which will be coming out soon, but that’s not the only reason why. And no, it’s not just because I have a personal life, I do still love to write and that hasn’t changed. So what’s the big reason why I haven’t updated my longest running and oldest story for so long? Well, here’s the reason why.

I’m not ready to continue with it yet out of personal preference.

Now, that’s not to say I’m done writing the story or that I don’t want to finish it. But, let me explain. During the long course of the story we’ve been introduced to many characters. Some of my own creation, others brought in by the manga-verse that the anime left out. People have often commented that it’s simply amazing that I can balance so many characters and still have the story work. Thank you, I do try. Each character is unique and has a vivid background, personality, and individual flair that makes them their own. I’m sure all the loyal readers out there have their favorites *cough* Luna *cough*, but each and every character is special and loved by many. And it’s always fun to watch as when a manga character makes their debut in the story the comments and messages come in saying it was great to finally see said character step into the story. We’ve watched the many heroes of the story grow, fall in love, overcome heartache and personal differences, and become just as much the main cast as Moka and the original heroines. They’re not OCs anymore, they’re just Cs as far as the story is concerned. Hell, many fan-submitted characters are going to be showing up for a massive cameo/epic fight to show that OCs can always be appreciated and used effectively in fanfictions. There are so many characters, and I, along with you all (I hope) love them all.

Which is why Act VII is going to break your hearts. (Spoilers for those who have not started Act VII)

It may have gone unnoticed, or even chosen to be ignored, however nobody has spoken up or commented about Complica’s dark prediction in the first chapter of Act VII. When Pandora asks if she knows whether or not her friends will survive what is coming their way, Complica’s response is a saddened, “Not all of them”. This coupled with the doomsday warning of Discord’s awakening spells trouble for everyone. And for those who remember the glimpses of the preview chapter the fights with Moka and the main girls against their dark doubles don’t go so smoothly. Things are going to get rough for the heroes, and it’s worse than you think.

Many have asked me whether or not I write this story as I go along or if I have it all planned out. The truth is that the entire saga is planned out, with nine Acts in total set to be made before it reaches it’s conclusion. I have the main story down with key developments and events all set, however I may add small scenes or events along the way that could be fun or cool but don’t affect the main plot. With that in mind I know exactly what lays ahead for each and every character. And that also means I know exactly when certain characters will leave the stage for good. These are characters that I have enjoyed their performances and could possibly make more adventures and events for them, however the main story is set and this means that for these characters the time to say goodbye is inevitable.

The biggest reason why I’ve stopped writing RV: BD for now isn’t because of Eden, it’s that when Act VII is over the cast list of the story is going to be smaller. Only a few select people have been told what happens in the story (for opinions and feedback) and although the story does work and they like the entire thing as it is, reactions of how Act VII goes was shock, horror, and heartbreak. This is the act that earns the saga’s ‘Darkness’ title, and I’m quite certain many of you will agree once it lowers it’s curtain. I myself am hesitant on continuing, knowing I’m closing the book on some of these beloved characters for good. Yes, this isn’t like Apoch and Astreal’s ‘never staying dead’ bit. Those that die in Act VII stay dead. It’s not easy writing such things when you become attached to the characters in question. Whether they are of my own creation or from the R+V universe in some way, each character is special and is hard to part with.

So there you have it. Act VII will continue again once I have Eden squared away and I’m ready to write one of the most pivotal Acts in the BD saga. There will be laughs, action, drama, romance, close calls, and the beginning of the end for the heroes and their world. If you are someone who has grown attached to and loves all the characters, original and of my own creation, then take this time to reread the story or some of your favorite parts again. Cherish the time you have with these new friends and old ones in this world, don’t take any of them for granted, and prepare yourself for the the most epic of all the Acts to take place. Because soon there will be no going back.

You’ve been warned. Hold on tight. And pray for the light.

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