5 comments on “Answering questions from the readers

  1. I completely agree with everything you said. While I myself had none of questions, I was simply enjoying the ride, I do see why questions like that came up. But like you said to each their own, these books aren’t meant for everyone, but it is for me! Love your books!

  2. I actually have a question why did u kill cilia or are u gonna bring her back I loved how she was there for pip when pip needed someone

    • Cilia was only meant to be around for Doku’s introduction to Daniel and the group and to help Pip overcome her fear of her. She wasn’t intended to become a main character or a reoccurring one. I do like her character and she served her role well as Doku’s friend, but that’s all she was written to be.

      • I must ask another question your not playing on having kroenette (can’t spell it right lol) to die by the hands of the Gemini twins are you?

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