What localizations of Chronicles of Eden would readers like to see?

It should come as no surprise to anyone by now, but I speak English, and as such my book series Chronicles of Eden is written entirely in the English language. While this makes it easy to sell the books in America, Europe, and other English speaking countries, there are people out there that don’t speak, either naively or at all, the same language as I do. Needless to say people who don’t read books in English don’t often buy them, and the same applies to my books as well. There may be pretty pictures inside, but that’s usually not enough to get sales on their own. So what I’m curious about is what other languages would people like to see Chronicles of Eden written in? If I were to offer the books for other countries and languages, which should be at the top of my list to have localized? Let me know what you think and I’ll see how fast I can spread the world of Eden to other readers around the globe. You can pick more than one if you like, or choose Other and list your preferred language down below in the comments section.

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