The Harem Queen has been chosen!

Last month I held a poll asking readers which lead girl in Daniel’s harem was their “Harem Queen” of the story. And the results are in and a clear winner has been chosen. The elven huntress and foulmouthed elf of the family, Clover. Leading with a whopping 25% of total votes by herself, this twin-tailed blonde beauty has been voted as the true harem queen in Chronicles of Eden, beating out Triska and Alyssa who took 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Is it her sharp glare or sharper tongue that everyone loves, or perhaps this monstergirl has proved to be more entertaining in recent books. Either way, the people have spoken. Clover has been crowned the queen of Daniel’s harem, and luckily for her the next book will offer her a chance to shine ever brighter for readers so that she may hope to retain her status as harem queen in the future.

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