Just Another Update

I wanted to touch base with everyone to let them know I’m still alive, still working, and doing my best not to go off the grid for so long like before. Just been getting back into the swing of things while balancing my daily doings. For now, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to.

  • Been working on Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act IV. Chapters are being written, artwork is being queued up, everything going smoothly so far.
  • Been working on a new story idea. Sometimes inspiration hits you, and you have to see where it may lead. Nothing final to announce as of yet, however I will let this slip. Apoch & Astreal may be starring in their own story sometime soon.
  • Getting more special artworks and animations made. Some pretty cool stuff coming up soon.
  • Evaluating the possibility of getting a Discord server going. Need to find proper moderation for it and set it up, of course, but I’m thinking I might be able to pull it off.
  • Been playing a lot of Deep Rock Galactic. I know that’s not related to my writing, I just wanted to let you know I think the game is awesome and it’s slowly been consuming me like swarm these last few weeks.
  • And finally, been watching in amazement as a few of my books on Amazon are nearing the 50 review count. I’m happy to see so many people are enjoying the books, and I hope to reach many more readers in the future. Thank you all for your support, it really means the world to me.

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