Looking For Your Input

It should come as no secret that Chronicles of Eden is my flagship story, one that I both love to write and has provided actual income for me and my family. It’s a big story, with lots to explore and tell. Not only that, but I’ve had art pieces and even animations commissioned for it, with each one adding to the magic that the characters in the story have brought to life for so many readers.

Of those, the animations are especially cool to see, and I hope everyone enjoys watching their favorite characters coming alive right before their eyes as much as I do. Of course, animations are more expensive to make than simple art pieces, so I need to choose carefully on which ones to have made. That being said, I’d like your input on this.

What kind of animations are you interested in seeing more for Chronicles of Eden? Let me know down below so I can get a better idea of what my readers want to see most.

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