On The Homestretch

It’s been a long time coming, and the time is almost upon us. Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act IV is almost ready for release. The last two chapters need to be finalized and the overall draft needs one final proofread, and then the latest entry is ready for everyone to dive into. I know readers are eager to see the return of Daniel and his ladies, and I’m glad to say the wait is almost over.

So what’s in store for readers this time around? Well, a lot actually. This book has shaped up to be one of the larger entries in the series, almost hitting 20 chapters at this point (I’m trying to keep it from reaching that high in one book, but there’s a lot to tell in this one). While the chapter count should remain just below 20, it’s still going to be a hefty addition to the saga. Since the previous book’s release, I’ve teased several events that are coming up in the story, and what I had wanted to include in this new entry. Now, I have a clear sight of what was able, and not able, to make it into this book. With that, here is a final update for what to expect.

  • The majority of this book will center around Daniel and his girls as we learn what happened before their trip to Stonegate, with the story catching up to Daniel’s current situation with Eirene.
  • The highlight will still be the same as planned: Daniel vs Arixis and Kryelle. We had a nice warmup with Daniel’s fight against the Gemini, now it’s time to turn it up a notch.
  • The Ancient harpy, Harrow, is set to make her debut, however only briefly as she foreshadows her actions for the next book. The Ancient succubus, Torment, will have her introduction moved to later as there wasn’t time to squeeze her into this one.
  • Daemon and his group will only be seen briefly as well. Don’t worry, they along with Max and his friends will have their turn in the spotlight during Act V.
  • Daniel’s girls will have their turn to step up as heroes alongside their man, and what they do will certainly surprise everyone.
  • Daniel’s heritage will be touched upon at long last.
  • The Princess of Rockhelm’s introduction will have to wait as well. Her debut will be sure to raise the stakes for our heroes.
  • Daniel’s dream of an alliance will firmly take hold.

Stay tuned for a release date, it won’t be much longer. Hopefully by next month everyone will be able to enjoy the new book. Until then, have a great weekend and stay awesome.

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