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About AGordon

My name is Alexander Gordon, an author who loves to write for the joy of it. I started my wonderful and, as expected, tiring journey through the world of writing by doing fanfiction first about an anime that I wanted to explore more in the world of. Yes, you could only imagine the amount of accolades I received doing that to begin with, and after continuing that for years with a smile on my face and a growing sense of joy for the craft I jumped over into publishing my own novels. And I've been doing this nearly everyday since then, something that has become a real passion of mine that can't be beat by anything. To this day I am still writing and plan on doing so for a very long time, I have many stories I wish to tell after all.

Which girl from Daemon’s harem is your perfect match?

Focusing on my work + New changes

Before I get to the new changes, I want to make an announcement regarding all my current projects, books, writing, and general life. And that is I’m taking on too much and it’s affecting my productivity in a bad way. Simply put, I’m stretching my mind and available time to thin across multiple projects that I want to get done, and the result is slower productivity and more fatigue for this author. To put this in perspective, here is my current workload before writing this:

  • Writing Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act II
  • Running online marketing ads and social media to keep interest in my books up
  • Writing scripts for three different comics (Vale’s Tales, Alyssa’s Origin Story, and an upcoming adult manga)
  • Writing the next Demons of Aether book
  • Writing the next Nightworld book
  • Continuing my fanfiction, Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness, which involves me refreshing my memory with all current events in the latest Act to continue it properly
  • Designing a card game for Chronicles of Eden
  • Putting together the third boxed set for Chronicles of Eden
  • Updating the Chronicles of Eden Wiki

All of this on top of keeping busy with friends, family, and life, has me running on empty more often than not. And I have to place blame on myself for this. I’ve given myself more responsibilities and deadlines than I have time for. And what’s happened because of that? Progress with the next Chronicles of Eden book is behind schedule. The fanfiction isn’t making progress at all as I’m having consistently issues with all the characters from where I left off. The card game needs more testing before going into production, so far it’s incredibly imbalanced. I’m behind in updating pages that have been on the Chronicles of Eden Wiki for so long now. And frankly, I’m burning myself out trying to manage everything at a decent pace. Again, nobody to blame but myself. But I have to do something or else I’m never going to get anything done at this rate. So here is my new worklist after writing this:

  • Write and finish Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act II. It’s roughly one month away from being done as of now, sooner if I focus more time and energy on it.
  • Continue keeping up with my marketing and social media updates. Part of my job as a self-publisher after all.
  • Only Chronicles of Eden comics will be worked on and planned for now, however Act II takes priority.
  • Finish compiling the third boxed set for Chronicles of Eden. Last two illustrations are being worked on now by the book’s artist.
  • Set aside time for updating the Chronicles of Eden Wiki, especially pages that are still empty!

And that’s it. All other projects are on hold until an undetermined date. The above projects are more important and need to be finished, after all they directly tie into my living as an author and they deserve my focus right now. I’m not going to take on anymore projects until those are done. I’m not going to make more promises on finishing things that I can’t reliably handle right now. I need to free up time not only to finish those important tasks but also give me some breaks now and again. Forget my backlogs of games and movies that’s been piling up, I could just use a quiet nap or time to take a walk through the park just to unwind. Seriously, I love writing, but even I need some rest from it now and again.

As for the things I’m putting on hold, I cannot say when I will get around to them as of now. For readers of my fanfiction, I’m sure this isn’t news you wanted to hear, but I have to be upfront about it and make this call. The chapters I’ve tried writing to continue the story have been well below my standards, and I’m not going to push out a chapter just for the sake of doing so if it’s going to be a detriment to the overall story and fandom. I want to continue the story, I do miss it, but right now I honestly don’t have the time or energy to focus on it. Trying to do so is only hurting everything I want to work on and I need to accept that. I’m sorry if this disappoints any of you, but I have to do it. If not for the story’s sake, then at least for mine.

These changes are going into effect immediately, along with a few others as well. I’m going to make time to update my Facebook Group page and also keep up with tweeting quality updates and maybe a meme or two on my Twitter. I’ve also updated my Patreon page with a new reward list, with a new informative chart for everyone to easily see what they’re getting if they subscribe. An artist needs support to survive after all, and this one wants to continue writing stories for a long, long time still.

And that concludes my announcement. I hope I haven’t let anyone down by making these changes to my worklist, and if I have then I am truly sorry. I’m only one person, and I have to accept that I can only do so much at once. I hope you all understand and will continue to support me as I strive to become a better writer, author, and reliable publisher. Thank you.

Chronicles of Eden Boxed Set Sale!

For the first time I am now having both Chronicles of Eden – Box Set bundles on sale over at Amazon! Each of these two amazing bundles includes four Chronicles of Eden books and four amazing pin-ups of the lovely ladies our heroes encounter in the dangerous, yet scantily lewd, world they live in. If you haven’t given the series a try, now is the perfect time to jump right in and save some money too! Each bundles is half off and will remain that way until 6/5/19, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to their Amazon pages listed below and give this monstergirl/harem story a try. You just might like what you find inside. And for both current and new readers alike, this is just the opportunity you’ve waited for to get through the first 8 books, because a third boxed set is almost ready for release, and will contain the last 4 books of Season 1, along with four more sexy pin-ups you won’t want to miss 😉

Chronicles of Eden – Boxed Set 1 Store Page

Chronicles of Eden – Boxed Set 2 Store Page

Meet the new giant butterfly in Eden

The next Chronicles of Eden book is still being worked on, but this eccentric doctor has already been well established in it, and she just can’t wait to tease your eyes with her fierce beauty. In S.2 Act II readers will finally meet the mysterious butterfly known only as Doc, but for now here’s her official book illustration to give you a hint as to what you’re in for with this lovely lady.

For anyone who can’t wait, her introduction scene is available to all subscribing patrons on my Patreon, as well as the first chapter of the upcoming book and many other sneak peek snippets of what’s coming up for supporting patrons. Link is HERE. Until then, feast your eyes upon the magnificent, albeit slightly psychotic, doctor of Stonegate.

Take the Chronicles of Eden Knowledge Quiz

Which do you prefer: butterflies or centaurs?

While the next book is being worked on, I’d like to propose this question to everyone. Between these two sets of monstergirl sisters from Chronicles of Eden, which is your favorite? The butterfly twins Falla and Luna, or the centaur princesses Hollia and Kroanette; which of these lavish, lustful ladies would you want by your side, or behind closed doors? 😉

Falla & Luna – The Butterfly Twins
Hollia & Kroanette – The Centaur Sisters

New Pages to Vale’s Tales are out!

Stop what you’re doing (unless it’s driving, in which case why are you reading this while driving??) and check out the Vale’s Tales gallery to see the latest additions to the Chronicles of Eden comic series. Why are you still reading this? Get going and see what happens next!

Free Book Weekend!

It’s that time again, time for giving away free books on Amazon! For this weekend-long event I’m going to have the starter books of my three series available in digital format for free on my Amazon Author Page. So, starting from Saturday all the way through Sunday you can get for free…

Chronicles of Eden – Act I. Yes, the start of my long-running fantasy/harem/adventure/monstergirl series will be available for free this weekend. If you haven’t tried the story out yet, this will be the perfect time to do so. Store link can be found HERE. For those wondering what the story is all about, here’s the synopsis:

In the world of Eden a great evil has befallen mankind. Monsters of an unknown origin roam the lands, searching for those to use in populating their various races with. However, all the monsters in Eden are female, unable to give birth to any males for their kind. Now the men of humanity have become the target for these lustful creatures, and the women have taken up the blade in order to defend their race. It’s a dark time in the world and mankind is at war not only with itself but also the monsters that threaten to steal away all of their men. Yet there is one that believes not all of these creatures are truly evil, that some of them may actually be mankind’s key to survival in this world. And he’s willing to place his life, and virginity, on the line to prove it.

Watch as he accumulates a loving harem of sexy monstergirls, grows from a meek visionary into a brave knight, learns to balance his life between fostering peace with different monster races and also his many beautiful mates who all want more “quality” time with their revered hero, and makes his stand against evil that threatens to annihilate everyone in Eden. The story has much more set to happen in the future, but this is how it all begins, so grab your copy and venture into the dangerous and lewd world of Chronicles of Eden.

Demons of Aether – Wings of Steel. The action-packed supernatural thriller series has just recently started, and with a bang too as this story is certainly aimed towards readers who want wonderful fight scenes, tales of growing stronger in the face of adversity, and wrecking havoc on some wicked demons from the underworld. It’s a win-win for everyone. Store link can be found HERE, and here is the story’s synopsis:

Behind the world as it is known lies the Aether, a shadow of the living realm inhabited not by humans but rather demons and monsters. Souls of the dead, received neither by heaven nor hell, reside in this unforgiving limbo. However, some have managed to break free from this purgatory into the real world, once again setting foot on Earth to do as they please. Some do so to create chaos and bloodshed, others wish to do right and help maintain order and peace. And then there are those who merely wish to exact revenge on the ones that struck them down in life. By any means necessary.

Nightworld – Book 1. If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic worlds, high-tension gunfights, and dangerous love triangles, this is the story for you. The series has just recently launched and is set to throw readers into a wonderfully twisted world of endless darkness and monsters of the night. Store link can be found HERE, and below is the story’s synopsis:

In a world untouched by light lives a surviving race known as humanity. With a perpetual night blanketing their home and deadly monsters lurking in the darkness, many are losing hope for a better future. Between starving, being raided by rival clans, eaten alive by nocturnal predators, or fading into the nothingness that surrounds them at every turn, this is a world most unforgiving. But not all have given up the fight to survive and move forward despite the odds.

Follow the journey of Riven Stellrock, a young scavenger of the Blacklight Clan with a penchant for making light of any situation, even those that have no light shining on them at all, and enjoying the simple things in life whenever possible. With food becoming scarce and hope swiftly dwindling, he’ll have to embark on a dangerous mission to explore the darkest, deepest corners of this endless world of night to save his people. However many things could quickly bring his noble quest to a violent end. Deadly bandits, ferocious monsters, or a high-tension love triangle between him, his childhood friend, and a silent vixen that has him placed in the crossfire. Being the hero isn’t always easy.

All books are going to be free from 5/11/19 through 5/12/19, so make sure to bookmark those pages and enjoy the free adventures this weekend. If you like what you read, I hope you’ll take a look at the other books I have for sale as well. For now, I wish everyone a great weekend!

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Which girl from Chronicles of Eden is the perfect match for you?

Who's Your Monstergirl Mate?

It's no mystery that Daniel Sorres has a gorgeous harem of lovely girls, with each of them having their own unique flair and personalities. Everyone may have their favorites between these girls, but let's find out which of Daniel's mates is actually the perfect mate for you. Be warned, this quiz will get a little risque just like the books do, so if you don't mind answering those kind of questions, then by all means proceed to find out which girl is your ideal mate.

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