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Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Artbook is now ready

At long, long last, the Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Artbook is now available on Amazon! This expansive, full colored tome contains all character artwork from the heroes, villains, and everyone in-between that appears in the first 12 books of the lewd monstergirl light novel series. With a complete listing of all major and minor characters encountered in the story, including those that never had illustrations made of them before, you’ll have the entire cast of Chronicles of Eden: Season 1 in your hands plus much, much more! With additional fanservice illustrations, early concept artwork, and pages and pages of extras, this is a must-have for any fan or reader of Chronicles of Eden. Whether you’re a new reader, current, or are just interested in lovely, sexy monstergirls, this is the collection you’ve been waiting for. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and click the link below to check out the store page and order your copy today!

First Publication of 2019!

After a long wait, one of the first three releases for Chronicles of Eden is now available for purchase. The Chronicles of Eden – Illustration Book is a must-have addition to any reader of the lewd monstergirl saga, or for anyone who loves images of beautifully drawn monster maidens. This collection is filled with character sheets, gorgeous illustrations, and plenty of extras, all in full, vivid color and available in a unique landscape paperback book for your viewing pleasure. With two more releases coming soon for the monstergirl light novel series, this is a terrific way to start the new year for this long-running series and its continuation with readers worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Store link is included below, so hurry on over and order yours today!

Preparing Store Pages

Two of the three books for Chronicles of Eden are almost ready for release, and so I’m currently getting the store pages ready on Amazon so readers can grab them as fast as possible. Two things to note that I’ve had to change about the upcoming artbooks for certain reasons:

  • The Keys to Eden illustrations won’t make it into the current Season 1 Artbook due to certain constrictions and deadlines, so those will be posted on my websites when they are completed. Aside from that minor detail, the Season 1 Artbook is preparing for launch with all other content ready to go!
  • The Poster Book has been appropriately renamed to Illustration Book, as Amazon won’t allow me to print colored books of Poster-sized images as that’s simply too big for what they offer. So this collection will be close to the current book sizes of the series.

Just wanted to be transparent about those changes with everyone so nobody feels they were cheated or misled with the publications. Both of these collections are almost ready for purchase, so expect to see an update very soon with links to the store pages!

Three Eden Releases Coming Very Soon

Yes, you read that right. A triple-release is being set for Chronicles of Eden, and if all goes as planned it should be happening this month! The first is, of course, the starting book of Season II, which is set to start three days after the fall of Green Haven. Daniel and Daemon have been busy, and much more is swiftly coming their way as they deal with the fallout of the battle, meeting new friends and enemies, and discover startling surprises that will change everything for them. The book is being planned for both digital and colored paperback release on Amazon.

The second is, as expected, the Season I Artbook, which will include all book art from the first 12 books, first-time appearances of previously encountered characters such as Triska’s mother and Queen Victoria, and tons of extras all packed into it. The book will be available in colored paperback only on Amazon.

The third is a Chronicles of Eden – Poster Book, which is being specifically designed to showcase all the high quality art prints and character illustrations that I’ve had done for the series over the years. All the remarkably drawn art pieces will be available in a high quality along with detailed descriptions about how they came to be in this illustration book and is sure to be a must have for any Chronicles of Eden reader. The book will be available in colored paperback only on Amazon.

All three of these releases are set to be the first publications of 2019 and are nearing completion as we speak. The first book of the season is going through its final checkup while the last of the artwork for all the books is being finalized, so expect to see a huge release notification very soon.

Also just as a reminder, if you’re a huge fan of the series and like what you see and read, I invite you to check out my Patreon from this link. Not only do subscribers get early access to upcoming illustrations and even full chapters of the books I’m working on, but high-tier subscribers also get their names mentioned in dedication pages of all the books I publish. So if you want to have your name added to the list then I encourage you to sign-up and reap all the benefits of my patron subscribers, as well as become part of the very story we all love.

Next Cover will showcase…

The upcoming Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act I is nearing completion and the cover art has been decided. Showcasing the latest entry and the first of the new season will be none other than Sheal and Sasha. Of course they may look a little different for this sizzling illustration. The next book has some big surprises for readers, as well as these two lovely monster maidens ;)

Ending the year right

As 2018 comes to an end soon I’m happy to have completed the first season of my light novel series, Chronicles of Eden, just in time for the new year. It has steadily grown over time, easily becoming my flagship story and best work to date. With all 12 books of the First Season available to readers it’s clear how far not only the story has come throughout the years but also my writing, which has become not only my full-time job and career but also remains my favorite craft and passion without question. With the First Season finished, it’s time to begin the next, something I’m looking forward to doing very soon. Both the upcoming Art Book and Act I of the new Season are getting closer to completion, with plenty of surprises, reveals, and amazing illustrations being packed into both. The Art Book will show character art that didn’t make it into the books during the Season, as well as plenty of bonus illustrations of past artwork designs and even pictures of unique items and relics in the story such as the rare Key Fragments and the magically enchanted swords that clashed during the heated finale of Act XII. The next entry in the epic saga will start off the latest Season with new challenges, mysteries, and villains for the heroes to face, as well as offering answers to longstanding questions while setting the stage for what’s to come. New friends will be made, new foes will linger on the horizon, and the stakes are being raised considerably as the following books aim to deliver more than the previous entries have on all fronts.

As always, I want to thank my readers and supporters who helped me get this far. If it wasn’t for all of you, and you know who you awesome people are, this series wouldn’t be going still to this day. It’s one thing to create a world filled with adventure and beautiful, lewd monstergirls, but it’s another entirely to know there are more and more people out there reading the books and eagerly awaiting the next in the story. I hope you all have enjoyed the world of Eden as I created it and I look forward to seeing how the upcoming Season of books stands in comparison to the expectations I have set with everyone.

And if you haven’t read the story yet or are thinking of picking up, I encourage everyone to at least give it a try and see if the world of Eden is right for you firsthand. All books are available on my Amazon Author Page which I’ll link below. There’s also a Chronicles of Eden Wiki that’s growing in both content and community discussions that you’re welcome to look at and be a part of if you would like. And also for loyal readers and supporters alike, I do offer special previews and benefits to my Patreon subscribers, and that includes goodies for all my literary works, not just Chronicles of Eden. All my social media links are provided below. As always any and all support and feedback is greatly appreciated, either on the book store pages, the discussion board, Patreon, or even via email conversations.

Thank you everyone for helping me achieve this milestone before the year ended. I can’t wait to see what awaits us in the upcoming year. Until then, I hope you enjoy your journey through the worlds I’ve created for your entertainment.

The readers have chosen!

A while back I held a poll for readers to vote on who they thought would look best in a French Maid Outfit among three monstergirls in Chronicles of Eden. Well the vast majority of voters zeroed in on this smoking hot salamander woman as their ideal choice. And who could blame them? Sheal pulls the look off very well. I’m sure Daniel and his harem will surely agree in Season II ;)

Patron Reward – Clover from CoE

As requested of Patreon Platinum Supporter, Michael M, here is a public illustration of Clover the elf from Chronicles of Eden. She was voted the most popular girl in Daniel’s harem this year and something tells me she may hold that title throughout next year. For that we shall wait and see :)


All books are available on Amazon. For the full selection please visit my Amazon Author Page. For sneak previews and other subscriber benefits visit my Patreon.

More Chronicles of Eden Illustrations!

Another gallery has been added under the Chronicles of Eden Artwork section, this one being made for Extra Art that includes special portraits and rendered scenes from the monstergirl book series. More to come in the future, as well as another gallery that will serve as home for the Season II artwork when the next book comes out. Enjoy 😀

It’s about time…

Get ready for a union 13 books in the making. Season II. The gang’s all here…