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Return of the Butterfly Princess

Look who is making her grand return to Chronicles of Eden in the upcoming book. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the princess of Flairwood take the stage. This should be a memorable return as Complica has certainly gone through a few changes since our last visit.

It’s about damn time…

Who remembers these girls?

Check out the news update here.

Double Free Book Giveaway

From today until the end of this Saturday, 3/9/19, both Demons of Aether and Nightworld will be available for free download for all Kindle readers on Amazon. Although my main series Chronicles of Eden is still the primary story I’m known for, these two series will be taking flight this year as well and be fleshed out to hopefully compete with their big sister CoE. For now, I’m offering both these books for free so readers can explore these new worlds and see if there’s any magic to them as well. Store links are below. Feel free to grab your free copy and tell your friends, and by all means let me know what you think of them.

And the winner once again is…

This elven beauty just can’t stop topping the polls. “Who’s your harem queen of Daniel’s family?”; Clover. “Who do you want to see mate with Daniel next?”; Clover. “Who’s your favorite monstergirl in the series?”; Clover. Each and every time she’s part of a contest, she wins by a monstrous lead, easily over 50% of readers vote for her without hesitation. You have to give credit where credit is due, this vixen huntress has captured the interest and hearts of more than just Daniel Sorres, and not just because she’s the group’s sassy archer with a sharp and talented tongue. She’s become one of the most recognizable and revered characters Chronicles of Eden has to offer simply by being herself. Until the next poll is hosted, she gets to wear the crown once again, and she’s looking great while doing it.

Keep the harem growing?

As many know who have read Chronicles of Eden, Daniel is one lucky bastard for having a large harem of lovely women and monstergirls. In Act IX the harem became officially complete, with 13 lustful ladies all becoming Daniel’s mates and eventual lovers. Since then readers have often expressed their interest in seeing more monstergirls added to his harem, more monstergirls to become his mates, more monstergirls because apparently this guy just has all the luck with the ladies and maybe we should see just how far he can push his luck. That being said, I’m curious to see how much people really think about this. What do you think? Should Daniel’s harem expand even further to include more varieties of monstergirls in it? Do you think the harem is large enough as it is and should remain closed? Cast your vote below and let’s find out what everyone really wants to see happen with Eden’s luckiest man.

March Book Sale!

It’s that time of year again, the time for big book savings for readers! And for this one I’m slashing prices on the first four books of the Chronicles of Eden series for Kindle on Amazon, making this the perfect time for new readers to jump into the series if they haven’t already. All four books will be heavily discounted on Amazon from March 1st through the weekend until the end of March 3rd. So from 3/1/19 to 3/3/19 you can grab all four books at an incredible price, I mean I’m practically giving them away in this deal! Links to all four books’ store pages are below, so head on over if you haven’t started this journey yet and begin yours today. And as always, if you like what you see and read, please don’t forget to share with your friends, leave a book review, and enjoy the wonderful world of Eden 🙂

Season 1 Artbook is now available for download!

After receiving many requests to bring the Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Artbook to digital download and working to format the book properly to function as an ebook rather than a paperback, I’m happy to announce the transition has been completed and the book is now available for download for all digital readers on Amazon. While I personally prefer to view such a book in paperback format, I understand many are more partial to having it available with all their downloaded ebooks and electronic devices, and I want to offer as much of the world of Eden as I can to all the readers out there that I’m able to. That said, if you were waiting and hoping to see the Artbook available for digital download, now’s your chance to pick up the book in your preferred format. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Digital Store Page HERE

Which of Daniel’s maids is your favorite?

Yes, that’s right, another poll asking which of these sexy monster maidens is your personal pick. Since nobody seems to be stopping me from making these darn things, we might as well just do this. As everyone who read the latest book knows, or if you’ve just seen their new artwork, Daniel has three maids helping out around his home; Sheal the salamander woman, Rolian the arachne, and Felucia the sand wraith. You know the drill, which of these three lovely monstergirls is your maid of choice. Cast your vote down below and let’s see what the readers and fans say.

Who’s the harem queen of the Guardians?

While the poll for who readers think Daniel should mate with next is still going, although at this point it’s looking like a one-sided race for one particular girl, I wanted to host this little poll with readers for a while now about a different topic. As of the latest book in the series, all of Daemon’s harem members have been introduced and have finally come together. Not only that, but Daemon’s “restrictions” with being near the girls has been dealt with as well. That being the case I know there’s going to be more focus with this harem for readers in the coming books, and rightfully so. Which brings us to this question: which of Daemon’s followers is your favorite? Which do you find more interesting to see and read about? Which are you hoping to see get closer with the man in the upcoming books? Essentially, who is the harem queen of Daemon’s group?

Who do you think should mate with Daniel next?

In the upcoming Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act II, two more members of Daniel’s extended harem are finally given their right and opportunity to mate with the man they love. Not only that but their “alternate partners” in the harem will also be revealed, as it’s always been with previous members who joined in on the fun in bed. Before the book comes out though I wanted to host this little poll to find out who readers are hoping to see go all the way with Daniel more in the next entry. Which girl do you want to see jump into the sheets with the hero? Cast your vote and let’s find out which lucky girls get their time to shine in the next book.