Chronicles of Eden – Act X Preview Chapter

It’s that time that many have been waiting for. The first chapter to the upcoming Chronicles of Eden book is now available for a sneak peak before its release! I’m looking forward to publishing this next entry very much as it sets into motion a great number of things, one of which is of course the highly anticipated reunion of Daniel’s group and the evil Gemini sisters. Plenty of monstergirls, plenty of action, and plenty of surprises await in the next Act. For those that wish to hold off on being teased any further with what’s coming up, you probably shouldn’t look at the preview chapter so as not to spoil anything at all. And if you just can’t wait for that next taste of Eden then by all means take a look, if anything it’ll only increase your eagerness to have the next book released.

So when is the book officially being released I hear you all saying. Surely by now it’s about ready, right? Well, almost. There are a few more art pieces that need to be done and I have to go through the entire book to make sure everything is set properly. And of course there’s the ending to finalize. You see the ending to this particular book actually hasn’t been decided on just yet. And that’s because there are three major events planned at the end that could each serve as a stopping point, the real question here is which point do I want to stop at? This is what I’ve actually been spending the most time with getting correct and set properly for the book’s release, as this is actually a big decision to make regarding how the series will continue. Each of these three points is a huge reveal/moment that I don’t want to have outshine the others, and each of these three points is set to happen close to one another as the story demands it. So it’s not a matter of will Chronicles of Eden – Act X have a big ending to it, it’s which big ending I want for it. And depending on which one I want to be the final period of this entry I need to shape the previous chapters accordingly as I’m not going to do all of them and have them become outweighed by each other. It’s a delicate balance that needs to be decided on before I can stamp this one as ready to publish for all.

So while I give the story it’s final revision and set up the chosen ending for it you can take solace in knowing that the next book is nearing completion. The first, but not the last, publication of 2017 is going to be one of the best so far in the series. That being said I am also eager to see how readers will react to what happens next, especially with what’s in store for our heroes.

As always the preview chapter will only be available until the book is published. If you want to catch the first glimpse of Act X then click below.


Chronicles of Eden – Act X Preview Chapter


One thought on “Chronicles of Eden – Act X Preview Chapter

  1. Ok the start of this book got me pretty interested. Now all you would need to do is have Daniel and his harem encounter a village or city where monsters and humans are already coexisting peacefully to really blow my mind. Admittedly though something like that would be to easy to have the proof he needs to make a case for the queen. Yet, it would be interesting to see how they would react to such a situation even if it was just another male character that has harem of monster girls of his own living peacefully in the wilderness somewhere. Well I guess we will have to wait and see what future books hold for our heroes, but I hope they will at least be able to convince more groups of monsters because it has been a long time since the GiantButterflys and it would be nice to see them convince more. Also, can’t wait to find out what a certain kitsune’s relationship with Daniel is because my money is that she will be like an older sister figure to him.

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