Chronicles of Eden – Act X is now available!


The wait is finally over! The newest entry to the Chronicles of Eden series is now being uploaded on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats, check out the store page here. Get ready for plenty of action, suspense, new monstergirls, more enemies, and… less friends.

Expect things in Eden to turn darker as those who are worthy of the name ‘monster’ continue their rampage across the land, and know that this isn’t the end of the conflict by far. This is just the beginning of something more. Of course to find out just how bad things could get for our heroes you’re going to have to read the book, so head on over to the store page and get your copy today. You won’t want to miss what happens next 😉


3 thoughts on “Chronicles of Eden – Act X is now available!

  1. And the plot thickens, wish I had better banter to go along but its the best I got since I have yet to read the book. I just hope that when Act 11 comes around things will start to get better for our heroes.

    1. There are a few bugs with this book’s store page that I’m working with Amazon to get sorted out. The title is listed under the wrong categories and some store pages are unfortunately not working right. Hoping to have it resolved soon.

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