Act X: new sales records and blocked in India??

It’s no secret or surprise, Chronicles of Eden – Act X has brought in more sales than any other release in the series. In fact all previous entries are also selling like crazy in the wake of its release. Reviews are looking good and people seem to be enjoying the latest book in the monstergirl series. And not only that, but the book is… blocked in India? Wait, what?

Yep, after being alerted by several potential buyers that the store page for Chronicles of Eden – Act X was unavailable I contacted Amazon to find out what the issue was. And after a week of no response I get a simple reply saying:


During our review process, we found that your book(s) contains content that is in violation of our India content guidelines. As a result, we will not be offering the following book for sale in India:

Chronicles of Eden – Act X (ID:9078388)

An odd thing to see, considering the previous nine books are currently being sold in India and selling quite well in fact. I’m not sure if this is a mistake on Amazon’s part or if the tenth book in the series crossed some unknown line with India, but as of now the India store page for Act X isn’t available. All other countries, sure. India? Nope.

I’m currently trying to dispute this and get the store page back up. Sorry to everyone in India who haven’t been able to read the newest entry of the series, I hope to have this unfortunate problem taken care of soon. To everyone else who has bought and read the book, thank you all for your continued support. I really do appreciate it :)

2 thoughts on “Act X: new sales records and blocked in India??

  1. You ever figure out what line you crossed? I’m going w/ the age of the Grace and the situations she was exposed to…

    1. Amazon has never given an explanation for India blocking the book. As for Grace, although she falls in hardships during the book there have been far worse victims during the series than her even given her age, so I don’t believe that would be a factor. But with Amazon being silent on the matter who’s to say.

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