Back to the writing grind!

After taking some time to rest and try (and fail) to catch up on my massive backlogs of games, anime, movies, and hobbies, it’s about that time to get into the swing of things again with my word processor and start the writing grind to get more stories out there. I’ve got a huge list of to-do’s for this year and, despite this being my full-time job now and having all my work energy put into it, it will be a challenge to get everything done that I want to. I cannot offer any release dates because I don’t want to setup deadlines and force the stories to come out in questionable quality, so for all these projects just know that they’ll be done when they’re done. That’s all I can promise. So, it’s time to slave away in front of the keyboard as it is my calling in life now. As for what’s on the list there’s a couple things to work on.

First is, of course, the next Chronicles of Eden book, Act XII. After the buildup of the last two books and the cliffhanger in Act XI, I just simply can’t leave readers waiting too long for what’s been teased to happen next. Act XII will start off just how everyone is expecting, with Daniel Sorres taking on both Gemini sisters while all manner of conflict and chaos erupts around them. And it’s not just their big battle that’s set to happen, not even close. Here’s the roster of fights that are starting off the book:

Daniel vs the Gemini
Clover vs Sivil
Cindy vs Alice
Squeak vs Rio
Daemon vs Nuci
The elves of Green Haven vs The Sisterhood and Sivil’s elven followers

It’s going to be all-out warfare in Act XII, and that’s just how the book is going to start it’s first half. Needless to say it’s going to take some time and energy to setup and deliver the fight scenes for all these confrontations as well as completing the overall book, but it’s an Act of the series that’s been a long time coming and one I’m looking forward to showing everyone. Plenty of surprises await in Act XII, that’s for sure.

Next is, something that’s been promised for far too long and it’s time to follow through with, my return to the world of fanfiction with my Rosario Vampire stories. That includes both Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness and Rosario Vampire: A Game of Chance. It’s been years since my last update to these stories and I just can’t stand to keep them in limbo any longer. So does that mean I’m going to finally continue RVBD Act VII now? Not quite. First thing’s first, I have to bring both stories up to my current writing standards, as both of them were my first stories that I created and really really really need a layer of polish applied to them at this point. I want both of them to stand as prime examples of my story telling capabilities and writing level so they need to be revised from the ground up to reflect that. I’m not adding new content, the stories are going to remain the same, I just need to do a lot of editing and proofing to make them shine better. Here’s the roadmap of what I’m going to be doing with them:

1. Revise and complete Rosario Vampire: A Game of Chance. This is first on the list both because A Game of Chance is smaller and can be knocked off my to-do list more quickly as well as the fact that the ending of this story actually crosses into RVBD and teases something fast approaching in that story. The two stories are connected after all.
2. Revise all current Acts of Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness then finish Act VII in the series.
3. Celebrate that I finally got that Act done after all these years and then prepare to start Act VIII.

While I will be putting the fanfictions back into my work queue I want to point out something very important for everyone. Chronicles of Eden is still my priority as it’s not only my job now but also a fast growing series that needs my attention to help it thrive. I will be dedicating time to working on the fanfictions again just as I promised and they will not be abandoned by any means, just don’t expect me to be uploading new chapters daily like I used to when I first started writing those stories or have the revised editions ready soon. Both of them will take time to get done, with RVBD needing a considerable amount of time all in itself.

Aside from these major writing projects there are also others that I am going to be continuing and adding in the future. The Chronicles of Eden Wiki will be something I’ll be keeping up with of course. And I am planning to start a Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Wiki later on, however that isn’t happening anytime soon as that will be a massive undertaking to just set up, much like how getting that series revised will be just as time consuming. Another announcement is that digital boxed sets will be available this year for Chronicles of Eden, with what books and pricing they will have being announced when they’re ready. Unfortunately I can’t do physical boxed sets as Amazon doesn’t have that option available.

With that I’m off to work again. Plenty to do and get released this year. Thank you everyone for your continued support, it’s because of all of you that I’m able to do this for a living and provide even more substantial content and exciting worlds to explore for everyone.

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  1. So I’ve recently picked up reading Chronicles of Eden and I can’t put it down. I’ve burned through the entire series in a matter of two weeks. It’s greatly entertaining and fun. I’ll definitely keep reading them as long as you keep publishing them.

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