The Dark Elves Are Coming

I know, I know, everyone’s grinding their teeth to dust waiting for the next Chronicles of Eden book to arrive. While writing has been slow due to multiple real life factors, I’m happy to say the manuscript is nearing completion. All that remains is to finish the ending, proofread and tweak the manuscript, compile the book, and then publish. Still not ready to commit to a solid publishing date just yet, but I wanted to let readers know it’s getting closer to that point. I hope this brings some comfort to those waiting to see what happens next, and know that Lizleth here will be making her debut very soon. What, you didn’t think The Sisterhood was out of the picture just yet, did you?

2 thoughts on “The Dark Elves Are Coming

  1. It’s fine, take your time. We fans would better like a well written , given proper time over a hastened one which we will complain over anyway. There will be ones will who complain about the non publishing of the new volume, i know you will make it worth it

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