The Votes Are In

It looks like we had a close race, but a winner has been decided. The next art piece for Chronicles of Eden should be a real treat for fans of the series.

2 thoughts on “The Votes Are In

  1. Wow, so we get the holy trinity of eden next. Yes , i am looking forward to that, keep going, sir you are amazing. Though i also wanted to see the boys togethers, then again it was quite close. In the end , the girls always win, huh?

  2. the real treat would be Timely published books. Art is nice, games are nice, only an anime would trump the rest. so please, would a book every 3 months be out of a question? so far CoE and Darkworld have caught me, well, frankly im losing hope here. CoE got me hook in the Harem genre, YOU SIR made me a follower. yet you starve me now. 🙁

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