More Eden Coming Soon

The next Chronicles of Eden entry is shaping up to be a solid addition to the saga, with things heating up exponentially thanks to a fiery kitsune joining in on the action. In fact, she’s making such a powerful addition to the book that she and her precious human are stealing the cover spotlight together. I was going to have two others showcasing S2. Act IV, but after having the story evolve as it has, I had to give the cover piece to those who truly earned their place on it. (Sorry Eirene and Lucy, maybe next time).

And while I steadily work on getting the next book done, there’s much more coming soon for fans of the series. While I have no definite book release date to offer everyone, as much as I know that’s what people want the most, I will be posting more content for the series in the near future that readers may enjoy.

  • The completion of the current chapter in the Wildfire Comic. The remaining pages will soon be added and the entire chapter will be available for readers to see how events are progressing with Alyssa’s mother.
  • A new art piece showcasing Daniel and four of his mistresses will be revealed. Season II is certainly going to test Daniel’s limits with new lovers to handle.
  • 15 Animations are coming soon as a bulk release. Yes, that’s right, 15 of them. There will be 5 different sets of 3 animations each, all featuring some lovely ladies from the story in a very NSFW scenario. These fanservice animations will all be hosted on my main website, with the teaser animations for each set being posted on my social media (I’m not sure if DeviantArt would like me posting the hardcore versions of them).

Keep an eye out for future updates and reveals, this series and future content is getting hotter by the minute. And as always, thank you everyone for your continued support. Chronicles of Eden wouldn’t have grown this large and continue to expand further still if it weren’t for the readers and fans of the series like you. Stay awesome and have a great summer, everyone!

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