June Update

I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer. I’ve been keeping pace with working on the next Chronicles of Eden book, with the current status being past the halfway point of completing the entry. Things are going to get dangerous in the next Act, as Daniel and his family will be faced with two sexy succubi that won’t be pulling any punches with their latest prey. The next book is shaping out quite nicely, with some major events such as:

  • What actually happened before Daniel’s visit to Stonegate.
  • Daniel’s growth as a knight for his family. It’s time to show off what kind of amazing abilities his lovers can grant him.
  • A fated reunion with Daniel and his savior. It was bound to happen eventually.
  • The next two members of the Ancients reveal themselves. Harrow and Torment swoop into the story.
  • The second legendary armament reveals itself. This one was made to protect.

I’ll keep everyone updated on further progress and a release date when I get closer to it. Until then, take care and thank you for your continued support. And a big thank you to readers who have been helping with the Wiki for the series. I appreciate your work very much.

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