Big Chronicles of Eden Sale!

It’s about time for another book sale, and it’s starting right now! Beginning from today and through the weekend, Chronicles of Eden: Act I is now free for download via KindleUnlimited. A free book weekend sounds nice, right? Well, the savings don’t stop there. In case that book happens to catch your fancy, the next 5 books in the series are being discounted to $0.99 this weekend! That’s right, Chronicles of Eden: Act II through VI will be heavily discounted the weekend of 10/8/22. That’s a total of 6 books in the series that are available for new readers, for a ridiculously low price!

Check out the Amazon store page here:

If you haven’t read the series yet, now’s your chance to get a big start on it before the next entry comes out soon. Lots of monstergirls, lots of action, lots of adventure, and of course, lots of R18 content for your enjoyment!

Feel free to like, share, and spread the word; every bit of support is greatly appreciated and helps the series continue to thrive.

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