Chronicles of Eden – Act IX is now live!

Chronicles of Eden - Act IX Cover

The wait is finally over! The latest Act of the series is now live on Amazon right here! Get ready for more monstergirls, more action, more suspense, and a whole lot of lovin’ with the monster maidens of Eden. The newest entry is a whopper in size, with new friends, old enemies, and… why are you still reading this? You all know what these books have in them, so go read it already! It’s what I wrote it for!

In case you’re still here instead of getting the latest book like you should be there is some more big news. All the Chronicles of Eden books are being prepared on my Amazon store page for paperback order! That’s right, the monstergirl series is being set for both digital and paperback orders. If you don’t have a kindle, or prefer to have a physical book in your hands to read, I’ve got you covered. The entries are still being setup with their store pages by Amazon as I’m writing this, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before they all have the option for paperback delivery. Now no matter what medium you prefer to read your tales of horny monstergirls on Chronicles of Eden will always be there for you. Because it loves you that much ;)

4 thoughts on “Chronicles of Eden – Act IX is now live!

  1. I finished the latest Act and I gotta say they just keep getting better. I was excited to earn more about Star. only thing I didn’t like bout this Act was the cliffhanger at the end. You sir sure know how to make us want the next book even more than the last. So PLEASE tell me it won’t be toooo long for the next one. This has to be my favorite series. Thank You!

    1. Next Act will be started after the holidays. It won’t be long before you find out what happens next. The big question is are you ready for what happens next? 😉

  2. I bought the book on the first day and finished reading it within the same day! Its pure genius!! I liked the innocence Cindy potrays and especially Kitten with Snapper. That was a genuis touch for us who are wondering how Kitten can become a loving mate. Bringing a swarm was good as the group will be wondering if maybe some of the other feral monsters could be tamed or not. Star’s tale was exciting as always coz of the mystery she brought to the group.While I love the idea of little witches, nixies or butterflies, I don’t want them to pop out any time soon(Assuming the term is different than for humans). And the other side of Eden, Max befriending a monster girl looks promising to Daniel’s quest. Keep up the good work and Please strech the story timeline for a few more weeks and not just 24 hours. Thank You!!

    1. I’m glad you liked the book. The time each book covers varies depending on what’s happening in the story. The events of Act IX needed to happen before Daniel and the girls come against the gemini and the havoc they’ve been spreading across the land. There just isn’t much time before that happens, so this is how the story needs to unfold. There will be time jumps between books again, however right now these latest Acts all happen one after another so there’s no time to rest between them.

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