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Current work list

It may be hard to believe, but I do have a life outside of writing. Family, friends, never-ending backlogs of anime/games/movies, and so on. Even so, writing has become a passion of mine and has allowed me to continue with getting more releases out than your average non-writer (shocking, I know). To keep everyone up to date on what I’m working on and to give some perspective for future releases, here’s the current workload happening on my computer.

Currently being worked on:

Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act II

This one should come as no surprise, seeing as its the most anticipated and asked-for book series I currently have going. It’s still in the early stages of development, though is making substantial progress rather quickly. No ETA for release as of now.

Chronicles of Eden – Boxed Set 3

Yes, another digital exclusive is in the works and its going to be the next boxed set for Chronicles of Eden. This one will have the last four books of Season 1 included in it, four special fan-service illustrations for readers, and will hopefully be ready this summer if all goes according to my master plan.

Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness – Act VII

This is something many long-time fans will be happy to hear about, and that’s my return to the fanfiction that started everything for me. The revisions of the previous Acts will have to wait, that is a rather tall order to fulfill after all, but for now the series is getting ready to pick up where it left off. The upcoming chapter will start with Tsukune and Ren as we see how they’re doing in Paradise, and then will shift to Moka and the gang as they take on their new roles as the Monster Coalition in the human world. ETA for release is not yet available, however the chapter is being worked on in my free time between the other two projects, so hopefully it won’t take too long to finish.

Currently being planned for production:

Chronicles of Eden – Untold Stories

The first side-story for the Chronicles of Eden series is getting ready to make its debut. This unique collection will focus on various characters from the series and will take place before and/or during Season 1 as we see various side-stories revealed of many characters in the series, a few of which include Clover, Diago, Max, and Vale. The book will jump from one ‘untold story’ to the next as it shows readers events and locations in the world of Eden that haven’t been shown in the main series. No ETA for release on this one, though expect it to be published after the upcoming S2. Act II and Boxed Set 3 books.

Chronicles of Eden – Wildfire

Not only is the Season 1 artist Nuciferyne working on the illustrations for the Boxed Set 3 collection, but she’s taken on the role of artist for the upcoming origin comic starring everyone’s favorite little witch, Alyssa. This manga will explore the history of Alyssa and show how she became the infamous Wildfire Witch in Eden, and how her life wasn’t all that great until she met the man of her dreams later in her life. As before, no ETA on this one, but expect it much later given how creating this will take some considerable time.

Currently on the backburner for production:

Demons of Aether – A Cold Shadow

The next book in the Demons of Aether series had already begun being written, however it’s currently on hold as previously mentioned projects are taking up all my time. This book will take place after the events of the first one and will feature a new protagonist that will come into contact with Talon from the first entry. For fans of Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness, you’ll be happy to hear that everyone’s favorite shadow demon will be starring in this book. The shadow demon, Dark, and his cute little master, Arial, will be helming the next entry of the Demons of Aether series. No ETA for release, as of now the story is on hold until the other projects are done.

Nightworld – Book 2

This new series did garner a lot of attention and sales with its only release so far, and I am eager to start the next book which will further explore the, no pun intended, dark world they live in. For now though, like Demons of Aether, this series has been set aside so I can focus on the more in-demand stories with what little time I have in my day. The next book should be coming out around the same time the next Demons of Aether hits the online shelves.

It’s about damn time…

Who remembers these girls?

Check out the news update here.

Finishing the year with a bang!

With only two months left in the year I’m going to be pushing myself to bring everyone even more content for all my stories. What do I mean by that? Check out these highlights:

Chronicles of Eden:

Two more Chronicles of Eden books are planned for release this year still! That’s right, you won’t have to wait long for more of the sexy monstergirl saga to be available. The Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Artbook and Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act I will be available on Amazon only and will also offer full colored paperback editions for the first time in the series. This winter is going to heat up with these two additions, so get ready for a whole lot more of Eden to sink your teeth into.

Not only that but during this upcoming Monday and Tuesday, Chronicles of Eden – Act I: Second Edition will be available for the low price of $0.99! 48 hours with a +70% discount on the digital version of the first book in this monstergirl series! If you or anyone you know hasn’t jumped into the world of Eden yet but would like to, this would be the chance you’ve waited for 🙂

New Book Series’ Coming Out:

With the release of the first Demons of Aether book comes the start of a brand new series for readers to enjoy. And not just that one, as another new series is getting ready to make it’s debut on Amazon this year. More details coming soon, but if a sci-fi/dystopian story with a mix of action and adventure spiced with a heated love triangle among the heroes sounds like something you’d enjoy, then this series is just for you. Both this series and Demons of Aether will be continued going into the upcoming year and will steadily grow alongside their big sister, Chronicles of Eden. Whether you love fantasy, action, urban, sci-fi, drama, or all of the above, I’ve got you covered 😉

Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: 

Fans of the series have stepped up to help out with the remastering and updating of this gigantic fanfiction, and I couldn’t be more grateful. If you wish to help as well then please contact me. And for those anxiously awaiting the continuation of this story, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of the revision and when it will once again start up. Thank you so much for being patient for so long. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

Growing My Community:

I’m currently using my blog, DeviantArtTwitterFacebookPixivFanFiction.net and Goodreads for my announcements and presence on the internet. I also maintain the Chronicles of Eden Wiki website as well as my Patreon Support page. And to top it off I’m readying a private Discord server for readers and fans to enjoy. But if I’m to continue with my writing career and bring more stories to life for readers everywhere, as well as eat everyday, I need to grow and expand my digital footprints. But I can’t do it alone, I’m only one man after all. I do my best to update my blogs and websites with news, fresh content, and updates as often as I can. And I try to update and manage the Wiki site as well as post on Patreon frequently for patron supporters. I want to build my fanbase, reach new readers, and bring joy and entertainment to even more people than ever before. And to accomplish that I’m asking my readers and fans to offer a hand if at all possible. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and allows me to keep doing this for a living (and I really want to do just that). That being said, I’m going to run the familiar, cliched, and tired-but-true line many content creators do.

Please help me out if you can! Follow my blogs. Like, share, retweet, and subscribe. Tell your friends about my books. Join the Wiki community with the discussions or page updates. Become a Patreon supporter. Leave a review on the Amazon store pages for any of my books. Anything to lend a hand with this difficult but still desirable job of mine that is writing.

With that I’m back to work with the writing grind. Thank you everyone for reading and helping me get this far with my passion, if it wasn’t for all of you I probably wouldn’t be here doing any of this today.

Winter Projects

Let me just say that being a full-time writer certainly has its hurdles to overcome. One of which is having so many stories and projects to keep me busy all the time. To give some perspective of my work queue so far, here’s a rundown of upcoming releases, books, and writing projects I’m currently working on.

First is, of course, the next Chronicles of Eden book. Or rather two. This winter I’m going to be releasing a Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Artbook, a paperback-only tome filled with all the character art of the first 12 books in the series along with plenty of extras. Every character will have biographies listed for them straight from the series wiki site. Additional artwork will be included, such as early concept art and how the art style evolved from the first book all the way to where the series is now. And for the first time, artwork of previously skipped characters will be included. Queen Victoria, Florence, even Alyssa and Triska’s mothers; every named character will be included in the book in full vivid color. This is without a doubt a must-have for every Chronicles of Eden fan out there.

Next is the continuation of Chronicles of Eden with its next book. No, not Act XIII. Need to keep things simple while at the same time showing progression of the series, after all nobody wants to try to figure out what Act XVIII is at first glance. The next book in the series will don the title Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act I. This is to show both that a new, fresh story arc is about to take place, and also keep the Roman numerals from going crazy as the series grows. When is this going to be released I already hear many of you asking? It’s already being worked on, so ASAP is all I can reliably say for now.

And that’s not the only book readying for release. Demons of Aether – Wings of Steel is almost ready for publication, with the first book in this series that I have really missed working on now having a refined manuscript along with new artwork for all the characters included. The last edition of Wings of Steel was, sadly, rushed to publication, having numerous spelling errors and no artwork except the cover included with the book. Now both ebook and paperback formats will be available with the new edition to give this series the proper start it deserves. Release date is very close, stay tuned for updates.

Now for the part of this update that some of you probably skipped over to. Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness. When? That’s what many have been asking me for the longest time now. My original goal was to get the massive story and its side-story edited, republished, and continued to completion this year. How did that go for me? Terrible. What time I did find to focus on the story didn’t net any positive results. My mind was just not able to properly focus on the different story, characters, and dynamics that had been established to keep them running the same way. The “revised” chapters I did do for the story turned out to be less than stellar in my honest opinion, and not nearly good enough to post online for readers to see. The truth is I currently don’t have the time or energy to properly get the job done, not without really dedicating more time to the series that I just don’t have right now. So what does this mean for the story? Simple.

It’s time for me to get help. No, not mental help, I’m fine in that regard. I mean bringing on editors and writers to help me get this fanfiction rolling properly. Those who can help with polishing the current chapters of the story. Maybe even help outline first drafts and structure for following chapters to help speed up the writing. Or if they’re so in sync with how I want the story to go they may even be able to write the full chapters themselves if they wanted to, as long as the story goes the way I intended it to go I don’t mind who does the typing. Essentially, RV: BD has grown too big for me to handle alone along with my current workload of books to write. So for that I’m offering any who want to write for the series a chance to help out if they wish to. If you or anyone you know wants to help RV: BD and its sister-story continue at a faster pace than what I can currently do for it, please let me know. Email, DA Note, Twitter DM, however you want to get in contact. I ask that anyone who wants to help with the editing or writing for the story, please send references to your writing ability so I know if this is something you can reliably handle or not. I’ve already been getting requests since I hinted about this a while ago, but I’m not putting a limit to how many people can help out, so if you want to join the writing crew then by all means send a message my way. RV: BD is pretty damn huge, so the more help I can find the better.

So that’s my current list of things going on. There are a few other smaller projects here and there, but these here are the main attractions right now. The Chronicles of Eden wiki site is still growing, and if things pick up for RV: BD perhaps another wiki site may start to bloom as well. For now, I’m heading back to the writing grind. Plenty to work on, plenty to keep busy with, and plenty to look forward to. As always, thank you everyone for your continued support, I shall do my best not to let any of you down.

More coming soon. Much more…

With the latest entry of the Chronicles of Eden series now published on Amazon, it’s time for me to get ready for what’s next. Yes, of course that includes more Chronicles of Eden books, that series is far from finished. But it’s not the only one I want to write and show the world, not by a longshot. I’ll be posting more announcements when I have additional details, however for now here is a list of things I’m working on to show what I’m planning next:

  • Outlining the first draft for the next Chronicles of Eden book
  • Preparing the third boxed set for Chronicles of Eden
  • Working with a translator for the first Chronicles of Eden book
  • Publishing a second edition of Demons of Aether
  • Continuing the Demons of Aether series
Also need to look into:
  • Recruiting editors and draft writers for my fanfiction stories
  • Recruiting editors and moderators for my wiki site(s)
  • Recruiting a comics artist for a new story
  • Patreon?

So as you can see I’ve got a lot to do and look into. So many stories to write, so many characters to bring to life, so much to manage with keeping everything in order. But while I’m doing that please enjoy the books and stories I’ve currently made and know that as busy as I’m going to be, I’m still working on getting it all done while taking on even more because that’s just how determined I am with my career. That said, please don’t forget to like, share, leave a comment, leave a review, retweet, and just help spread awareness of this growing plethora of stories and content made for your entertainment to even more potential readers. Every little bit helps, and every bit is greatly appreciated. Thank you all who have supported me thus far, I hope I’ve made good on your expectations of me and will continue to reach to higher peaks so as not to disappoint in the future.

A moment for the twins

It’s been over 6 years since I started writing (with actual effort, not counting school related assignments), with 5/7/12 being the day I began publishing with the first chapter to my ongoing fanfiction, Rosario+Vampire: Brightest Darkness. Since then I’ve written chapters after chapters, scenes after scenes, and characters after characters that I’ve brought to life in new worlds and places. Although I’ve created many diverse characters rich with stories and adventures that they’ve shown readers for many years, there are two in particular that have stood the test of time and deserve special commemoration. From the start of my epic-sized fanfiction that I began my writing profession with, all the way to the latest books of my Chronicles of Eden novella series, there are two girls who have been featured and always remained throughout both stories.

The witch sisters Apoch & Astreal, also known as The Shield & the Sword, were two of my first characters ever made and have remained permanent and prominent members of my biggest stories to date. Although altered slightly to fit different tales in different worlds, the sisters at their core have always remained the same. From their appearances, magical abilities, refusal to stay dead, and trademark speaking quirks, these twin witches have served as iconic characters whose names have become synonymous with both RVBD and Chronicles of Eden.

So for all their time and efforts with helping these stories be told, let’s take a moment to recognize these original characters for what they truly are; magical.

Big updates coming very soon

This is an update to let everyone know that an update is coming soon that will be regarding some things to update and… well, you get the idea. Writing/editing/planning things for Chronicles of Eden. Editing and reviewing Rosario+Vampire: A Game of Chance, as well as outlining how to start and manage a wiki for the expansive fanfiction RVBD. More about all this to come soon, for now I will let slip one little bit of information that comes from the two series.

Complica’s friend is getting ready to make her jump into the world of Eden 😉

Status update – Act XII Teaser

It’s been a month since my last blog post, so here’s a friendly update to show I’m still alive and working. As you may, or may not, know, I have several writing projects I’m currently working on/juggling/slaving over, and to be honest it’s good to be back into the groove of things with everything. My primary focus with these have been mostly with Chronicles of Eden so far, with time set aside as well for the fanfiction works I’ll be updating. For those who are interested in an update of where I’m at with my Rosario Vampire fanfiction works, here’s the update.

-Still going through Rosario Vampire: A Game of Chance’s current chapters for revision

That’s all I’ve been able to do for it so far, I’ll notify you all when more substantial changes are made. I am setting aside time for this, but it’s both an involved process and not my highest priority in the grand order of things, so I’m going to have to ask readers to please be patient still. These stories are going to shine brightly when they’re revised, and I am looking forward to continuing Brightest Darkness with what’s about to happen.

For Chronicles of Eden there’s been a few more things I’ve been focusing on.

-Preparing 2 digital boxed sets for release soon.
–Each boxed set will include four books, all their artwork, and a new cover. They will be available only on Amazon and will also be available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. No paperback versions.

On top of that the outline draft of Chronicles of Eden – Act XII is set and I’m ready to start writing it out now. And in the interest of teasing my readers even more, here are some noteworthy points to look forward to with this epic entry.

-Daniel vs the Gemini (This is probably what everyone is waiting for the most)
-Queen Leanna makes her debut
-Mika’s fate
-Aeon’s secret
-Kroanette makes another friend
-Something that’s going to make you all cry
-Daemon’s true form
-Ragnarok, the Sword of Destruction

This entry, while not tying up all loose ends or mysteries in the series, is going to serve as an endpoint to one major arc of the story and set up what’s to come in a very profound way. Daniel has come a long way since Act I. He’s not just a thinker, he’s now also a family man, a fighter, and a much needed leader in a troubled world. He’s met many beautiful women along his journey, made new friends and lots of enemies, and has only begun to reach his full potential. Now a great trial awaits him before he can grow further. There are monsters in need of help in the world, he has many promises to uphold with protecting and caring for his harem, and a Dark Queen stands before him as his greatest enemy. It’s time for him to rise and make a difference in Eden, to be seen and heard by all, and to prove Kindra right about him. And as he’s going to quickly find out, there’s only one acceptable outcome in this Act for what needs to be done in order to do that: Down with the queen.

Back to the writing grind!

After taking some time to rest and try (and fail) to catch up on my massive backlogs of games, anime, movies, and hobbies, it’s about that time to get into the swing of things again with my word processor and start the writing grind to get more stories out there. I’ve got a huge list of to-do’s for this year and, despite this being my full-time job now and having all my work energy put into it, it will be a challenge to get everything done that I want to. I cannot offer any release dates because I don’t want to setup deadlines and force the stories to come out in questionable quality, so for all these projects just know that they’ll be done when they’re done. That’s all I can promise. So, it’s time to slave away in front of the keyboard as it is my calling in life now. As for what’s on the list there’s a couple things to work on.

First is, of course, the next Chronicles of Eden book, Act XII. After the buildup of the last two books and the cliffhanger in Act XI, I just simply can’t leave readers waiting too long for what’s been teased to happen next. Act XII will start off just how everyone is expecting, with Daniel Sorres taking on both Gemini sisters while all manner of conflict and chaos erupts around them. And it’s not just their big battle that’s set to happen, not even close. Here’s the roster of fights that are starting off the book:

Daniel vs the Gemini
Clover vs Sivil
Cindy vs Alice
Squeak vs Rio
Daemon vs Nuci
The elves of Green Haven vs The Sisterhood and Sivil’s elven followers

It’s going to be all-out warfare in Act XII, and that’s just how the book is going to start it’s first half. Needless to say it’s going to take some time and energy to setup and deliver the fight scenes for all these confrontations as well as completing the overall book, but it’s an Act of the series that’s been a long time coming and one I’m looking forward to showing everyone. Plenty of surprises await in Act XII, that’s for sure.

Next is, something that’s been promised for far too long and it’s time to follow through with, my return to the world of fanfiction with my Rosario Vampire stories. That includes both Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness and Rosario Vampire: A Game of Chance. It’s been years since my last update to these stories and I just can’t stand to keep them in limbo any longer. So does that mean I’m going to finally continue RVBD Act VII now? Not quite. First thing’s first, I have to bring both stories up to my current writing standards, as both of them were my first stories that I created and really really really need a layer of polish applied to them at this point. I want both of them to stand as prime examples of my story telling capabilities and writing level so they need to be revised from the ground up to reflect that. I’m not adding new content, the stories are going to remain the same, I just need to do a lot of editing and proofing to make them shine better. Here’s the roadmap of what I’m going to be doing with them:

1. Revise and complete Rosario Vampire: A Game of Chance. This is first on the list both because A Game of Chance is smaller and can be knocked off my to-do list more quickly as well as the fact that the ending of this story actually crosses into RVBD and teases something fast approaching in that story. The two stories are connected after all.
2. Revise all current Acts of Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness then finish Act VII in the series.
3. Celebrate that I finally got that Act done after all these years and then prepare to start Act VIII.

While I will be putting the fanfictions back into my work queue I want to point out something very important for everyone. Chronicles of Eden is still my priority as it’s not only my job now but also a fast growing series that needs my attention to help it thrive. I will be dedicating time to working on the fanfictions again just as I promised and they will not be abandoned by any means, just don’t expect me to be uploading new chapters daily like I used to when I first started writing those stories or have the revised editions ready soon. Both of them will take time to get done, with RVBD needing a considerable amount of time all in itself.

Aside from these major writing projects there are also others that I am going to be continuing and adding in the future. The Chronicles of Eden Wiki will be something I’ll be keeping up with of course. And I am planning to start a Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Wiki later on, however that isn’t happening anytime soon as that will be a massive undertaking to just set up, much like how getting that series revised will be just as time consuming. Another announcement is that digital boxed sets will be available this year for Chronicles of Eden, with what books and pricing they will have being announced when they’re ready. Unfortunately I can’t do physical boxed sets as Amazon doesn’t have that option available.

With that I’m off to work again. Plenty to do and get released this year. Thank you everyone for your continued support, it’s because of all of you that I’m able to do this for a living and provide even more substantial content and exciting worlds to explore for everyone.

Eden is still the little sister, but that’s okay

As many of you who follow me know, Chronicles of Eden is not only my flagship ebook series that’s put me into a career path as being a professional writer and publisher, but it’s also one of my best stories to date. The large ensemble cast, the grand adventure and story arcs, the… well, hardcore R-Rated content. It all helps make the story an amazing journey that many are jumping into, more and more each day as a matter of fact. Its sold thousands of books since last year, given rise to fantastic character artwork pieces, and even spawned multiple hentai doujins because why the hell not. A video game is in development with its characters, I’m planning to have audiobooks made for it, it’s even been rated and advertised in Serious Reading Magazine with a promising review and recommendation. I am extremely proud of the series and thrilled that so many readers and followers love the books and the characters it has brought the world. It is certainly one of my best works.

However, it’s not the most popular of my stories. As great as Chronicles of Eden is and how big it’s grown, the reality is that there’s a much bigger fanbase and following who are gathered around its predecessor. There is simply no denying it, especially after having gone over the numbers. Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness is still the most popular story I’ve created to date. Even after one year of no updates to it with Eden now taking all my time and energy, the story has received no less attention with new and old fans. In fact the story is being read through from start to it’s current ending point day after day, week after week, month after month, without fail. The number of views the massive story has racked up now has exceeded 400,000. Of the most viewed and voted favorite character pieces I’ve posted online, the cast of RVBD always gets the most. The number of people asking for when the next chapter of the fanfiction will come out always outnumbers those asking about Eden. Simply put, RVBD is still ‘the’ flagship story under my name.

Normally this might be a bad sign for Chronicles of Eden, after all if people are more interested in a fanfiction I’ve created what’s that mean for the future of my books? Well the good news is sales haven’t been going down for Eden, they’ve only been going up. I do get asked about the next books coming out, characters of Eden are becoming known and favorites to many, and the rankings for the books are always high for their genre as far as Amazon rankings go. Chronicles of Eden is still growing and becoming a larger, more developed story as time goes on. Eventually it will surpass RVBD, I have no doubts about that, but what I’m excited to see right now is that my fanfiction that started everything for me, that gave birth to Eden and to my writing career, is still being well-received by readers even with the long hiatus. In fact its growing in popularity even more so, simply by standing on what’s already been created without a new chapter having been released in over a year. That speaks highly about the quality of its story and characters, and that can only be mirrored with the way Chronicles of Eden is growing, slowly but surely, out of its gigantic shadow.

As I continue writing to this day and loving it more and more with each word and sentence I create, I never forget what it is that brought me to this point in my life and has given me this new path to take. It wasn’t just the anime Rosario Vampire that started it all, it wasn’t just my fanfiction which has shown the world a new writer has arrived, and it wasn’t just the paychecks I’m getting from Chronicles of Eden that are ever so sweet. It was the readers, the followers, the fans, the ones that stuck with me as I developed my virtual penmanship and created my style of storytelling, the ones that supported and cheered me on when others were rather quick to try and write me off. It’s readers and fans like you that make all of this worth it in the end.

So with that in mind, I would like to thank all of you for everything. The entire world and cast of RVBD thanks you, those in the world of Eden thank you, and the many others who are waiting to be brought to life from the depths of my mind thank you. Whether you’re an artist who is helping illustrate my characters for the world to see, a reviewer letting me know you liked the story and can’t wait for more, or simply a silent fan who supports me all the same by reading what I’ve created, thank you all very much. Truth be told, you’re the source of magic that makes all these stories come to life.